Doctors Discover Booze Brewing In Sober Woman's Bladder

The 61-year-old patient was denied a liver transplant because doctors thought she was hiding an alcohol abuse problem.

English Woman Tastes Sweet Victory In Annual Pancake Race

Katie Godor, from Olney, in Buckinghamshire, ran the 71st International Pancake Day race with a time of 1:06 seconds.

Scottish farmer fined for punching sheep

A Scottish wool farmer has pleaded guilty to animal abuse after he was caught on video punching two sheep in the face, an animal welfare charity said Tuesday. William Brown, 59, was fined £550 ($715, 660 euros) under Section 19 of Scotland's Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006, after he admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to two rams on his farm in Penicuik, south of Edinburgh, in 2018.

Sea lion resists help back home from rural road

Sheriff's deputies and Washington state wildlife officials had a standoff with a rather grumpy sea lion that was found wandering a rural road. Crews were able to coax her into a crate to carry her back to water. (Feb. 25)

Woman pees alcohol despite not drinking a drop

The woman, 61, has a condition where yeast in her bladder ferments sugar into alcohol (Picture: Getty)

Wrecking Ball Fails To Stop ‘Leaning Tower of Dallas’ From Leaning

The 11-story building was supposed to be demolished on Monday, but it endured scores of blows from a wrecking ball.

Burglars loot wine cellar of Michelin-starred Danish restaurant

Burglars stole dozens of bottles of vintage wine worth some 200,000 euros from a Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen overnight, the owners said Monday. A gaping hole in the wall in the wine cellar of the Formel B restaurant -- which has one star in the prestigious Michelin restaurant guide -- greeted the owners on Monday morning.

Vet gives parrot prosthetic wings after owner cut them off

Wei Wei is back flying again after a procedure to give her new wings (Picture: Caters)

Daredevil 'Mad Mike' Hughes dies in crash of his homemade rocket in California

"Mad Mike" Hughes, a self-styled explorer and daredevil bent on proving that the earth is flat was killed over the weekend when his homemade rocket crashed in the California desert over the weekend.


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