42 Weird Christmas Gifts Perfect For Every Type Of Nutball

Ugly sweaters? Check. Cat sunglasses? You bet! And, of course, everyone needs a Death Star toaster.

Homemade 'Nikes' give Filipina athlete a golden edge

To some athletes, brands count for everything when it comes to performance.

Camel, Cow, Donkey Found Wandering Through Kansas Cast In Live Nativity

The animal trio made headlines last month when the Goddard Police Department asked for help locating the owners of the “three friends traveling together (towards a Northern star).”

Child's play: Coding booms among Chinese children

Vita has set up a coding tutorial channel on the Chinese video streaming site Bilibili since August and has so far garnered nearly 60,000 followers and over one million views. "Coding's not that easy but also not that difficult -- at least not as difficult as you have imagined," says Vita, who lives in Shanghai. "When I am teaching, I am learning new things at the same time," adds Vita.

Santa Claus Feeds Fish At Berlin's SeaLife Aquarium

A diver dressed as St. Nick was joined by one dressed as an angel to give 5,000 sea creatures some holiday cheer.

Couple Who Paid $120,000 For Banana Art Explain The Appeal

The Miami couple believes what they call "an otherwise inexpensive and perishable piece of produce and a couple inches of duct tape” will become "an iconic historical object.”

Cutting edge 'tree' displays Vilnius airport contraband

Vilnius (AFP) - Staff at the Lithuanian airport in Vilnius came up with a sharp idea to remind travellers that safety comes first: a Christmas tree made of confiscated knives and toy guns.


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