Man attacked by shark, bear, snake

WHEN Dylan McWilliams was bitten by a shark in Hawaii on Thursday, it meant he had been bitten by a shark, a bear and a rattlesnake — all in less than four years.

Police try to unlock phone with dead man's finger in Florida

LARGO, Fla. (AP) — Florida authorities went to a funeral home and used a dead man's finger to try to unlock his cellphone as part of their investigation.

How long does it take for sunlight to reach the earth?

How long is the journey light takes between the sun and the earth? (Picture: Getty)

World’s oldest woman misses record

The world’s oldest person, a 117-year-old Japanese woman, has died.

Camel Beauty Pageant Bans Botoxed Animals

A dozen beasts have been disqualified because their owners Botoxed them.

Shadow-boxing tough guy should protect home-alone Japanese women

TOKYO (Reuters) - Behind the apartment's curtain, a tough guy is boxing, throwing left and right hooks and jabs, and lunging forward, enough to make any passing criminal think twice before breaking in.

German shoppers sample burgers made of buffalo worms

AACHEN, Germany (Reuters) - Supermarket shoppers in the western German city of Aachen have stepped out of their comfort zone to sample insect burgers made of buffalo worms.


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