Stuck circus 'overwhelmed' by generosity amid virus lockdown

A travelling Czech circus stuck abroad under the coronavirus lockdown has been overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers helping to feed its troupe of animals after cancelled shows left it penniless. Although Latvia bans using force to make animals perform tricks that are unnatural for a given species, it permits zoos so long as animals are treated humanely. "Our hired jugglers and magicians have returned home but our family must stay with our animals," Polachova added.

Customer leaves $10,000 tip, anonymously, in Florida restaurant

A customer left a $10,000 tip to be divided among the employees of a Florida restaurant, a day before it was forced to close because of the coronavirus outbreak, the owner said. Ross Edlund, the owner of Skillets in Naples, Florida, said on the restaurant's Facebook page on Thursday that the gesture shows there are still "truly fantastic people in the world." "We have an amazing Skillets family that extends to our guests as well," Edlund said.

Rodgers uses private jet to flee Peru amid COVID-19 panic

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers used a private jet to escape Peru with just 15 minutes to spare before the airport was locked down due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rodgers on Friday described scenes of panic and fear as he recounted his hasty exit along with three others from the South American country. "When we rolled up to the airport at like seven in the morning, it was wall-to-wall people and you couldn't move," Rodgers said.

Teen Wrestling Champ Squashes Kidnapping By Squashing The Suspect

Authorities said Canaan Bower, 16, helped stop a kidnapping and assault near Las Cruces, New Mexico, by pinning a man to the ground until deputies arrived.

Eat it: Hanoi chef spreads joy with 'Coronaburger'

You've got to eat it, to beat it: That's the philosophy of one Hanoi chef who is attempting to boost morale in the Vietnamese capital by selling green, coronavirus-themed burgers.

People Share Their Self-Isolation Struggles With #IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen

Jimmy Fallon started the hashtag when he posted that he'd whispered to his hand sanitizer, “You’re like a son to me.”

Who let the dogs out? A few Spaniards defy coronavirus lockdown

Under partial lockdown due to the spiraling coronavirus pandemic, Spaniards are allowed to leave home only for essential outings, walking a dog being one of them.


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