YouTube Star MrBeast Orders 2 Waters, Leaves $10,000 Tip

The man behind the supersize gratuity, YouTube star MrBeast, is known for videos featuring extreme acts of generosity.

Oregon Zoo Shares Spooktacular Animal X-rays

Make no bones about it, these critters just don't look the same without fur, feathers or scales.

A hot dog? Firefighters rescue pet stuck in heating duct

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Va. (AP) — It wasn't a cat in a tree, but a dog in a heating duct that took firefighters to a home in Virginia.

School bans bags so boy turns up carrying books in a microwave

A school has banned bags for health and safety reasons leading some pupils to get creative with how they carry their books.
Jacob Ford, 17, disagreed with the policy at Spalding Grammar School after sixth-formers were ordered not to carry bags between classes.
The school stated that ‘injury was being caused to younger students’ because of ‘ever-larger bags’ being carried on their shoulders.

Hundreds of waiters try not to spill any drinks in street race

Waitressing isn’t easy: I have a vivid memory of dropping an open butter packet on a woman’s designer handbag.
So hats off to these waiters who dashed through Buenos Aires carrying trays of drinks they couldn’t spill.
368 men and women joined the 1,600 metre race along the Avenida de Mayo, one of the busiest avenues in the city.
They closed it off for the challenge, obviously.

‘Headless chicken sea monster’ in Antarctica filmed for first time

It’s known as the ‘headless chicken sea monster’, for reasons which become quite obvious if you look at it.
With its blobby, pulsating red body and feeler-like webbed ‘feet’, this thing doesn’t look very familiar.
Technically, it is called a ‘sea cucumber’ (or Enypniastes eximia), which is just as bizarre as its nickname, if slightly less terrifying.
This variety is more deep sea dwelling than most sea cucumbers, rarely seen at depths above 1,000 metres.

Pilot Casually Nails Emergency Landing On San Diego Area Freeway

Pilot instructor Ryan Muno was forced to land on the Interstate 8 in El Cajon after the plane's engine lost power.

Workers take dive into deep doo to unclog sewer pumps

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — Divers spent two days deep inside a South Carolina sewer, pulling out huge balls of oily, black used wet wipes and baby wipes that had clogged intake pumps.

12-pound lunar meteorite sells for more than $600,000

BOSTON (AP) — A 12-pound (5.5 kilogram) chunk of the moon that fell to the Earth as a lunar meteorite has been sold at auction for more than $600,000.


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