Bigfoot or Big Scam? DNA Tests Claim 'Squatch is Real

Bigfoot is real - and DNA tests published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal prove it!Either that, or Bigfoot hucksters have struck again, conducting their own "study" on phony Bigfoot DNA and publishing it in a journal that they themselves own.Which is the truth? Personally, I'd love it to be the former. But as my friend and Huffington Post colleague Lee Speigel reports, it's looking much more likely that it's the latter.Lee says Texas veterinarian Melba Ketchum is accused of buying a little-known journal, giving it a new name and then using it to publish her tests on 111 supposed samples of Bigfoot hair, blood, toenail, saliva and skin.
But don't expect to read the results yourself on the Web site of the Denovo Journal - if you want the article, you'll have to pay $30.For more on the story - including a weird 17-second video of a supposedly sleeping Bigfoot - check out Lee's story.

Photo © Getty Images
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