Dad gets son to help clear ice from his car

Cleaning the house when your children are growing is like shovelling snow when it’s still snowing.
But one dad in the U.S. has come up with a genius way to combine the above to clear the snow from his car.
He used his child as a massive window scraper so that he can see where he’s going.

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Before you get on the phone to social services, the boy found it fun.
His mum said: ‘We got a lot of snow in Monclova, Ohio. My husband and son went outside to play in the snow. I asked my husband if he could clean off our vehicles while he was outside.
‘Next thing I know, my husband is yelling into the house asking if we have any duct tape.
‘I meet him at the door with the tape only to find that he is planning to wrap it around my son’s wrists, ankles, and waist so the snow couldn’t get in. I then recorded this video of my husband using our son to push off all the snow. My son had such a blast!’
There are other ways to do it that are a little more practical and less child labour intensive (but way less fun)

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Saltwater spray
A very quick way of doing it is mixing a saltwater solution with table salt and water, dunking a towel in it and leaving it on the windscreen overnight.
If you forget to do it, you can also spray the saltwater on the glass, however, avoid metal as salt is corrosive.
Britain is facing ‘very significant snowfall’ this week (Picture: Getty Images)
Yellow weather warnings for snow and ice cover the majority of the UK on Wednesday (Picture: Getty Images)
The sandwich bag trick
Putting hot water in a sandwich bag and simply sliding it across the windscreen is a quick and safe way to defrost your car – with some even calling it ‘revolutionary’ on social media.
Daniel Harris shared the trick to his Facebook and wrote: ‘Hot water in a food bag and bam you’ve got a de-icer and a hand warmer. Works a treat, and it’s fast.’
Just pour hot water from your tap, so you can safely hold it and lower the risk of cracking your screen, to a sandwich bag and swipe it across your windscreen. tried it and it really does work, just make sure to have a cloth ready to wipe off the melted water.

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Just use water
You cannot, never ever, ever, use boiling water, because your windscreen will crack, but you can spray some lukewarm water and wipe away the slush.

The magical mix
Mixing 2/3 of rubbing alcohol with 1/3 of water and leaving it in a bottle in your car is a magical mix, according to meteorologist Ken Weathers.
Just simply spray the mix on your windscreen and watch the ice disappear.

Brush it off

If your car is covered in snow, the best way to rid yourself of it is with a soft brush.
Make sure the front grill is clear as well to avoid overheating, the AA says.

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