Giant rat takes huge chunk out of man’s sweet potato

After hearing rustling sounds coming from his rubbish for three days, a computer engineer decided to investigate.
What he was not expecting to find was a huge rat with a penchant for sweet potato.
Jacob Cummings, 29, listened found his bin on the floor with rubbish scattered around the kitchen and large chunks missing from the vegetable which was in a fruit bowl on the side.
The rat had jumped onto a work surface and took chunks out of Jacob Cummings’ sweet potato (Picture: MEN)
The next day he thought he was seeing things when he spotted the giant rat scurrying across the room.
He put down some rat poison and when he returned to his home in Hull on Friday, he felt the dead rat in his wash basket as he went to do the laundry.
He said: ‘I couldn’t honestly believe it – I thought it could have been a large squirrel or a badger.
‘I thought no way could a rat have done that to a sweet potato – but the rat was huge.’
He thinks that because of its size the rat must have pushed the bin over.
He discovered the huge rat in his laundry basket after reaching in to do the washing (Picture: MEN)
His landlord helped him and girlfriend Cindy Hewitt, 34, to get rid of the rat, but says he’s still in shock.
He said: ‘I was oblivious when I put the bin out on Wednesday and that’s when the rat must have got in. I didn’t put the washing on because there wasn’t enough. I left it a few days, put some bait down which I got from my mate.
‘I got home on Friday evening and it was there curled up in the wash basket. I’ve actually had nightmares about it, it’s not even funny.’
He added: ‘It’ll teach me to leave the door open when I put the bin out next week.’