Hamster found wandering streets of Edinburgh during blizzard needs new home

Gruelling paw-deal: Poppy was rescued by a passer-by (Picture: CSNA)
Making your way along snowy pavements when it’s supposed to be spring is hard work for anyone.
And if you’re a 15cm (6ins) tall hamster, it’s no fun at all.
It is not clear how petite Poppy ended up picking a path down a city centre street as blizzards battered Edinburgh on Monday.
But she probably wished she was back home working up a sweat on her wheel as she shivered in the unseasonal conditions.
The year-old Syrian hamster – who was given her name by Scottish SPCA officers – is ‘very lucky’ to have been found by a passer-by who rescued her, said the charity’s Duncan Robinson.
The hamster was caught in a blizzard (Picture: PA)
She may have been abandoned by her owner, he added.
‘Hamsters are fast creatures and can wriggle through small spaces so there is a chance she has escaped from home,’ Mr Robinson said.
‘However, we are keeping an open mind at this stage. We’re really glad she’s now safe.’
He added: ‘We’re keen to hear from anyone who recognises Poppy and, in the meantime, we’ll ensure she receives the care she needs.
‘If no-one comes forward, we’ll be looking to find Poppy a loving new home.’