If you thought your school dinners were bad be grateful you didn’t go here

Piles of mouldy bread, rotting meat and smelly seafood have sparked angry protests at one of China’s most prestigious high schools.
A group of parents discovered the horrific state of the kitchens when they were invited to a tree planting ceremony at Chengdu No 7 Experimental High School.
There was so much food going off in the kitchens that it took two trucks to remove it all.
Parents discovered the state of the kitchens when they were meant to be at a tree planting ceremony
The parents stormed the school then fought with police
However, a group of angry parents intercepted one of the lorries and a protest started outside the school, quickly turning violent with police slamming one parent to the ground.
As the protests developed and with roads being blocked, police used pepper spray on them and 12 people were arrested.
One parent described the food as pig slop while others now fear for their children’s safety if they eat at the school.
A dad with a son and daughter at the school said: ‘[The items looked like they had] been in a freezer for years, [it looked] like zombie meat.
Hundreds of parents turned up to a protest against the quality of food at their children’s school (Picture: Weibo)
They found rotting meat, stinking fish and mouldy bread piled up (Picture: Weibo)
They were not happy at the state of the kitchens in one of the most prestigious schools in China
‘I smelled the pork, it was stinky. [There was] ginger, which looked disgusting too.’
He told the BBC: ‘We don’t even let kids have leftover food at home… I spent tens of thousands of dollars and my kids are having pigwash there.
‘I dare not tell my younger son… I’m worried he might not dare to eat canteen food after that. My daughter has been telling me she has a stomach-ache. I [told] her she might have just over-exercised. It breaks my heart.’
In November many of the children at the £4,380-a-year school came down with stomach problems.
It is believed that this may have been why the parents decided to go into the kitchens.
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There was so much rotting food that it took two trucks to carry away the waste (Picture: Weibo)