Killer Dolphins on the Loose

It's almost as awesome as sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads.
A report that may or may not be true out of the Ukraine claims that three highly trained military dolphins are on the loose after recent military exercises in the Black Sea.
RIA Novosti had previously reported that the Ukrainian navy had revived an old Soviet program in which dolphins were trained to attack enemy divers by using knives or pistols on their heads.No frickin' laser beams, but explosives could reportedly be attached to their heads, which they could then stick to enemy ships.
These are presumably the types of dolphins that are now on the loose, according to the report.

The country's defense minister later claimed the whole thing was a hoax, saying their dolphins are all peaceful Defense Ministry dolphins and they're all accounted for, according to a later report.
You can believe that if you want to. But if trained military dolphins were on the loose, do you think they'd admit to it?You might want to postpone that Black Sea beach vacation... just to be safe.

Photo © Getty Images
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