LOOK: Inside This Man's Modern 'Roman Palace'

Perched high atop a mountain in Sparks, Nevada, Steve Lansky, a bachelor and retiree, enjoys a sprawling panorama of the city of Reno and the breathtaking Sierra mountain-range from his seemingly typical suburban home. Needless to say, the view alone is impressive, but the home's interiors are the reason we needed to share this house tour with you.

The inspiration behind this five-bedroom, three bathroom palace was intended to be a tribute of-sorts to Lansky's supposed royal ancestry. It started with the Brooklyn-native's childhood enthusiasm for Roman history, which eventually sparked an investigation into his own lineage. As it turns out, he tells us he's a direct descendent of Roman Emperor Vespasian. To pay homage to his newfound roots, Lansky took the nest egg he acquired from his time on Wall Street and in the IT Staffing business and designed a home which he says is "totally created for opulence."

Dripping with gold gilded walls, furniture, art and antiquities from top to bottom (which even includes a golden throne and crown for himself), his space is unlike anything we've ever seen before. Lansky told us that all of his replicas were cast using white Carrara marble, found exclusively in the Tuscan region of Italy. And for an added touch of extravagance, Lansky issued for the busts and sculptures (this one of Mars, for example) to be coated with gold paint -- and it appears that few of the house's furnishings were spared this treatment.

"Be bold," Lansky says, "it's something I practice everyday."

Click through our slideshow below for photos of his 'Roman Palace' and let us know your thoughts. And for even more information on the property, head on over to his personal website.

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