Man charged with identity theft ‘looked nothing like his victim’

When you look as distinctive as this it’s probably not a good idea to enter a life of crime involving identity theft.
Julian R Mitchell, 20, tried to use a stolen debit card at a bar but it was declined so staff asked to see his driving licence.
Police said it was ‘plainly obvious’ that he was not who he said he was so the bar staff reported him.
Julian Mitchell, 20, allegedly tried to impersonate someone else at a bar (Picture: Mega)
They said that the height and picture on the licence made it quite clear that the blond haired, red bearded, black eye-browed man in front of them was different to the person on the licence.
Mitchell, from Nashville, Tennessee, denied using the licence but the victim’s wallet was found in his bumbag.
He was arrested and taken to Davidson County Jail where he is currently being held on $25,000 bond.
Since his mugshot has been released he has been compared to Ken (of Barbie and Ken fame) while others have said he looks like Alan Tracy from Thunderbirds.