Man's Itchy Spot Turns Out To Be A Knife

YELLOWKNIFE - A Yellowknife man thought he was just scratching an annoying old itch earlier this week, but it turned out to be a knife blade that had been stuck in his flesh for almost three years.Billy McNeely says he was stabbed in April 2010 in a fight, but the wound was never X-rayed.He has had a lump in his back where the blade went in, has suffered recurring pain and has set off metal detectors every time he has walked through.McNeely says doctors and nurses always told him the lump was caused by nerve damage and the detectors were responding to a metal fragment lodged in his bone.But early Monday morning, his girlfriend was scratching the sore spot when her fingernail ran across the tip of the blade poking from his skin.The couple drove to emergency and had the knife removed; it's now in McNeely's pocket.McNeely says he's considering a lawsuit against the health centre in Fort Good Hope, where he originally went after he was stabbed.