Newborn lambs get woolly jumpers to stay warm and look cool

Keeping warm, staying cool: Flake, Frosty and Snowy (Picture: Caters)
You might have worn a jumper your mum knitted for you in the past to keep warm, and that’s basically what’s happened to these newborn lambs.
Less than a week old, Flake, Frosty and Snowy have been adorned with brightly-coloured woolly jumpers to protect them from the Arctic weather that has the UK in its icy grip.
‘Now they look even cuter and will manage to keep warm despite not being able to snuggle up to their mother – but it may be the jumpers are made from mum’s old wool,’ said Holly Beckett of Becketts Farm, Birmingham.

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‘We’ve had to take them inside to keep them extra warm as we have families planning to come to our farm this Easter – but I know many farmers have been suffering heavily in the snow.
‘We’re giving them that little helping hand to ease them through their first weeks and they’re definitely enjoying their new style.’
While the woolly jumpers are undoubtedly cute, the wintry weather is no laughing matter for livestock.
Thousands of animals are feared to have been killed following blizzards in the past month.