No, Semen Does Not Freshen Breath

How do you lose a scholarship at Michigan State University and an internship with Dow Chemical Company at the same time?Easy... just put some semen in a pack of breath mints and pass them out as your senior "prank."
Jordan T. Drake, now 18, admitted to it after someone who ate one of the "Ice Drop" breath mints complained about it to police, according to HuffPo Crime. The onetime standout student at Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy was suspended and forbidden from attending commencement, but he was allowed to graduate. Drake's record will be sealed if he successfully completes the terms of his probation.Unfortunately, the Internet is never sealed.

By the way... if you ever see this guy and he offers you a breath mint... don't take it.See more of Drake and the rest of this week's (alleged) dumb criminals in my new gallery, "This Week in Dumb Crime."

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Photo © Saginaw (Mich.) Police Dept.
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