Sex Emergency! New Service Offers Condom Delivery in 60 Minutes or Less

Ready to "do it" but not ready with the goods? There's an app for that!At least, there's an app for that in Dubai.Durex condoms has initiated a condom delivery service in Dubai - and if you order one via the app or the company's Durex SOS Web site, it'll be at your door in 60 minutes or less.
In other words, you better have a few foreplay tricks up your sleeve before the sleeve itself shows up.Don't worry about the neighbors - the condom delivery man will show up dressed as a pizza delivery man. If you're planning a little ahead - out on a date and things are going well, but you don't want to stop and buy a condom in front of her (cuz, let's face it, that could send the wrong signal) the Durex delivery man could arrange to bump into you and discreetly hand you what you need, according to AFP-Relaxnews.If you're not in Dubai, you're out of luck... for now. The company is hoping to expand the service to other countries soon.

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Photo © Getty Images
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