Sheep find themselves trapped a long way from home

Police had a rather unusual job this morning after a very concerned resident woke up to find dozens of sheep in their garden.
In a post shared on Facebook, officers said someone was ‘looking sheepish’ in a garden in Leeds.
‘Imagine waking up to these in your garden, someone in Whinmoor did,’ officers wrote.
How did this lot get in there? Ewe wouldn’t believe the story (Picture: PA)
‘A call came into the Police to say someone was looking sheepish in their garden.’
Unfortunately for the homeowner, more than 20 sheep were trapped in their garden and they made quite a mess while all cooped up.
‘We don’t just catch the bad guys and help vulnerable people/victims, we also help animals get back to where they should be,’ police said.
‘You don’t get this in a normal job.’
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People online were quick to come forward with their sheep-based puns.
‘Hope the culprit is caught and put behind baahhs,’ wrote one.
‘Would ewe believe it, hope there’s no ramifications!’ another quipped.
Police said they had received reports of 50 sheep in the road in one location and 10 goats in the road in another this morning.
A spokesman said the incidents were not treated as serious and ‘by the looks of it they all ended up in someone’s garden’.

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