Soldier gives friend grenade, pulls pin out, then runs away with him holding safety lever

A soldier has landed in hot water after an argument resulted in him giving a grenade to his friend, pulling out the pin then running off.
They had fallen out and started fighting in the city of Dnipro, Ukraine.
One of the soldiers said ‘here hold this’ and his former friend put his hand out, expecting to be given a mobile phone.

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To stop the grenade detonating they taped their hands to it so the safety lever stayed pressed (Picture: CEN)
A police officer held onto the grenade with the soldier to stop him releasing the safety trigger (Picture: CEN)
It’s not clear what they were arguing about that led to the prank (Picture: CEN)
But when he looked he saw what appeared to be a live grenade and the first soldier had pulled out the pin before running off.

Instinctively, he pressed down on the safety lever to stop it detonating.
But, realising he couldn’t hold it forever and with no safe place to throw it, he started shouting for help.
Passersby arrived at the scene and immediately after seeing the grenade they called police.
The grenade was later found to be a replica and had no explosives inside (Picture: CEN)
People helped secure the soldier and police officer’s hands using sticky tape (Picture: CEN)
The two soldiers had fallen out and started fighting in the Ukrainian town (Picture: CEN)
Officer Alexander Tsukanov could see that the soldier was tiring so helped him to hold onto the safety lever.

People also used sticky tape to secure their hands to the grenade while they waited for the bomb squad to arrive.
The soldier was later arrested at his nearby home and faces up to seven years in prison.
The grenade turned out to be a replica.
The victim needed a cigarette after surviving the ordeal (Picture: CEN)

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