Man arrested for letting blow-up doll drift into flight path

A 19-year-old was arrested after the blow-up doll he had allegedly tied helium balloons to interrupted flight paths above Canada.
The man could face charges for the incident at Vancouver Harbour as police revealed it was an apparent stunt that he was filming.
West Vancouver police said two men were filming a video when the sex toy drifted into the sky at Ambleside Beach on July 3.

Mule wins dressage competition first time horse/donkey cross is allowed to enter

A mule won a dressage competition for the first time ever in the UK – on the debut occasion he was allowed to take part.
Wallace The Great had been turned down from official events and was told he could not be a member of British Dressage, as he is half horse, half donkey.
But owner Christie Mclean decided to fight for the mule’s right to be treated equally to a genuine horse or pony – which are a different species, with different chromosomes.

Lady Antebellum calls police lip sync of its song 'amazing'

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio police department's entry in a lip sync challenge sweeping the nation has gotten rave reviews — including from the country music group whose song is featured.

Art dealer buys storage locker for $15,000, finds treasures

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City art dealer who bought the contents of a New Jersey storage locker filled with paintings for $15,000 says he got more than he bargained for.

Dog singing Toxic by Britney is video you never knew you needed

There’s so much talent in the canine world.
Dogs can herd sheep. They can dance in a circle on Britain’s Got Talent. And now, we have proof that they can also howl seminal pop songs of the early 2000s.
Riley here is such a superfan of Britney Spears that he has nailed the ‘wohw wohw’ strings sound right before Brit comes in singing, ‘Baby, can’t you see I’m calling / A guy like you should wear a warning.’
We’re not joking.

Accident-prone koala bear rescued for a third time after getting stuck in fence

Still looking for your spirit animal?
How about this koala bear, who can’t stop himself getting stuck in various situations – most recently with his head wedged in a fence.
Some people just aren’t very lucky, and the same goes for koalas it seems.
He was previously found unresponsive at the bottom of a tree in January 2016, and had to spend a week with Fauna Rescue until he was well enough to be released back into the wild.

Austrian family accused of hijacking, crashing Swiss taxi

BERLIN (AP) — Swiss police say an Austrian family allegedly hijacked a taxi, crashed into a parked boat, drove through a hedge and then plunged off a 4-foot-high ledge before trying to escaping on foot.

Terrifying trick spiders can do

IT’S a centuries-old mystery you probably don’t even know about concerning one of our most feared insect enemies.

Man hailed taxi while friend burned

A NEW York judge has thrown out murder charges against a man who hailed a taxi and left his friend burn to death in his car.


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