Absolute tool sprayed ‘Scousse Lee’ on 800-year-old fortress while backpacking

Ladies and gentlemen may we introduce the latest representative of the United Kingdom, doing us proud with his idiocy and illiteracy.
Lee Furlong, who is from Liverpool, was backpacking in Thailand when, for some unknown reason, he and a fellow traveller decided to graffiti an 800-year-old Thai fortress.
He wrote ‘Scousse Lee’ [sic] on the red-brick wall of the historic Tha Phae gate in Chiang Mai in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Monkey holds its baby to the sky like Simba in the Lion King

A monkey perfectly captures the Circle of Life by holding its baby to the sky like Simba in Lion King.
Photographer Dafna Ben Nun, 38, captured the incredible real life Disney moment whilst on a trip to Zimbabwe.
During her trip to the country to learn about the local wildlife, Dafna was instantly surprised to see life imitating art when the two monkeys recreating such a well-known moment.

'Call my lawyer,' says sweater seized with stolen sneakers

ROANOKE, Va. (AP) — A Virginia store has had 20 right-foot shoes stolen over the course of three break-ins this year.

Man rescued from Arizona mine lucky to survive fall, snakes

PHOENIX (AP) — An Arizona man who fell to the bottom of an old abandoned gold mine shaft, broke both his legs, fought off a trio of rattlesnakes and went two days without food or water before a friend heard his cries for help is lucky to be alive, said the head of a rescue team.

Freak mishap takes mum’s arm and leg

AN INDIANA woman who lost an arm and leg in a “freak” farming accident last month is thanking supporters and family members who aided in her recovery.


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