'Benny the Beluga' facing Christmas in the Thames far from home

A beluga whale that was first spotted nearly three months ago in the River Thames is still feeding healthily east of the British capital and facing a lone Christmas hundreds of miles from its normal Arctic habitat.

Report: 'High-tech' robot on Russian TV was man in suit

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian media say a contraption presented by Russian state television as a high-tech robot was in fact a man in a commercially available robot costume.

Man sues after getting finger caught in airplane armrest

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A man is suing after he says one of his pinky fingers was caught in an airline armrest mechanism for nearly an hour during a flight to Los Angeles.

Crews rescue man stuck in grease vent of empty restaurant

SAN LORENZO, Calif. (AP) — A man who authorities say was possibly trying to burglarize an abandoned Chinese restaurant has been rescued from the grease vent, where officials say he had been trapped for two days.

Mystery spaceship hole conspiracy

Russian spacewalkers have cut samples of material around a mysterious hole in a spacecraft docked on the International Space Station (ISS) that’s been at the centre of sinister rumours and conspiracy theories.

102-Year-Old May Be World's Oldest Skydiver After Jumping For Charity

Irene O'Shea took the sky-high leap to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia.

Town flooded with chocolate after storage tank spilled across roads

Firefighters were called out to an unusual job after a ton of melted chocolate spilled out from a huge vat.
In what has been described as a ‘small technical defect’ the liquid chocolate oozed out of the tank, out of the factory and onto a road where it solidified.
The job to clear it up then fell to around 25 firefighters who pried it off with shovels, hot water and torches to remove the leftover bits from cracks and holes in the road.


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