British vicar catches fire waiting for God's answer

A British vicar got more than he expected from his first attempt at an online sermon when he leaned too close to a candle on a cross and his sweater caught fire.

Wild puma captured in deserted Chile capital

A wild puma was captured after it was found wandering around the deserted center of Santiago in search of food, Chilean authorities said on Tuesday. Chile is under a nighttime curfew due to the coronavirus pandemic. The puma came down to the capital city from nearby surrounding hills.

Pablo Escobar's 'Cocaine Hippos' May Be Restoring Colombia's Ecosystem

Researchers said the creatures could be filling the biological role once played by extinct animals like giant llamas.

Doctor warns innocent people will die if they do the ‘coronavirus challenge’

The ‘Coronavirus challenge’ involves people licking surfaces – a practice condemned by various medical experts (Picture: EPA/Dr.

Jaguars and underpants: when Olympic torch relays go wrong

From a jaguar on the loose to an elaborate hoax involving burning underwear, the Olympic torch relay has had its fair share of mishaps. As Japan postpones the 2020 relay after the Games were delayed over the new coronavirus, AFP looks back at some of the trials and tribulations of the event, first run ahead of the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

Christmas Lights Are Back: People Try To Brighten Spirits Amid Coronavirus Fear

Break out the eggnog and crank up the carols, the holiday is making a March return amid shelter-in-place orders.

Saint Corona name vexes Austrian tourist village

The Austrian village of Sankt Corona am Wechsel may need to rethink its tourism campaign, its mayor said Monday after the new coronavirus pandemic has drawn some unwanted attention. "At first we smiled to see a virus named like the village appear, but jokes have stopped since the epidemic became so serious," said mayor Michael Gruber. Ecotourism is the main source of revenue for the village of some 400 people lying some 100 kilometres (60 miles) south of Vienna at the foot of the Alps.

Russian Theater Performing For One Spectator At A Time

Starting this month, Russia’s Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre will stream its performances online and allow just one spectator in the theater to watch in person.


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