Dad keeps 18ft python in his three-bedroom semi

Marcus Hobbs with partner Amy Leach, Nigel Sligh and Hexxie the Burmese Python (Picture: SWNS)

Shock in Russia as Napoleon expert confesses to chopping up lover

A prominent Saint Petersburg-based Napoleon expert has confessed to murdering his young lover and former student and dismembering her body in a grisly crime that sent shock waves across Russia. Oleg Sokolov, a 63-year-old history lecturer who received France's Legion d'Honneur from Jacques Chirac in 2003, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of murder after he was hauled out of the icy Moika River with a backpack containing a woman's arms.

Professor dragged from river with severed arms of student, 24, in his bag

Professor Oleg Sokolov has been arrested on suspicion of the murder of Anastasia Yeschenko (Picture: east2west news; TASS/Getty)

Denmark and Iceland clash over priceless mediaeval manuscripts

They recount tales of Viking raids, Norse history, kings and gods: a priceless collection of mediaeval manuscripts, bequeathed by an Icelandic scholar to the University of Copenhagen in the 18th century, that Iceland now wants back. The UN cultural organisation UNESCO has called them "the single most important collection of early Scandinavian manuscripts in existence", with the earliest one dating from the 12th century.

Wild Turkeys Are Taking Over A New Jersey Neighborhood

The big birds are reportedly causing mayhem in the aptly named township of Toms River.

Poppy-Stealing Pigeon Offers Poignant Reminder Of War Anniversary

The bird is taking flowers left at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Australia’s national war memorial in Canberra and using them to build a colorful nest.

Man Purposely Gets Stung By Executioner Wasp And ― No Surprise ― It Hurts

Rob Alleva gets bit or stung by a lot of dangerous animals on the new History Channel series "Kings of Pain."

2-Headed Cat Twice As Lucky To Be Adopted By Vet

Dr. Ralph Tran said each face fights to eat, so "most of the food just ends up in the middle eye and on her forehead." As a result, her forehead is now bald.


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