Chicago alligator stakeout snaps shut after professional catches reptile

An elusive alligator residing in a Chicago lagoon was caught early on Tuesday after the reptile, thought to be an abandoned pet, captivated locals for nearly a week.

New Jersey Devils Mascot Runs Through Window At Boy's Birthday Party

The losing team could use a break but shattering a glass window probably wasn't what it had in mind.

Woman Arrested After Climbing Mount Rushmore

Authorities say Alexandria Incontro scaled the massive granite sculpture Friday with bare feet and no rope, making it to about 15 feet (4.5 meters) from the top.

Man Arrested In Spain Had Cocaine Under Toupee: Police

Police said the man attracted their attention because he looked nervous and had a disproportionately large hairpiece under his hat.

Street in Wales is declared steepest in the world

Fford Pen Llech has a gradient of 37 per cent, making it the steepest in the world (Picture: SWNS)

Accused Car Thief Was Also Carrying Rattlesnake And Uranium: Police

Authorities said Stephen Jennings also had a gun in the console and an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey.


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