Man casually walks out of hospital for a cigarette with a knife in his back

This hospital patient must have had a serious craving for a cigarette.
He tried to walk out of hospital to go and spark up despite there being a knife embedded in his back.
But the man, identified only as Vladimir, 34, agreed to return to his bed at the hospital in Kazan, Russia, when he was told ‘you are about to die’.

Cleaners found house filled with 400 bags of human poo and 250 bottles of pee

An extreme cleaning company has released a picture gallery of its dirtiest jobs – including a house filled with 400 bags of human excrement and more than 250 bottles of urine.
Husband and wife Leanne and Kenny Elliott clean up stomach-churning mess on a daily basis.
The couple have now released a series of shocking pictures showcasing some of their most disgusting encounters.

Fake Kim goes as real Kim comes: Vietnam expels Kim Jong Un lookalike

An Australian comedian who impersonates North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said on Monday authorities were deporting him from Vietnam, some 24 hours before the real Kim was due to arrive for a summit with U.S. President Donald Trump.

Fake Kim goes as real Kim comes: Vietnam expels Kim Jong Un lookalike

The Kim lookalike, who goes by the name Howard X, popped up in Vietnam's capital of Hanoi on Friday along with his partner who impersonates Trump, drawing crowds and media. The two real leaders are due to meet in Hanoi on Wednesday and Thursday for their second nuclear summit. "North Koreans have no sense of humor," the impersonator told reporters before heading to Hanoi's airport to leave the country.

Animal saved from icy Estonian river turns out to be a wolf

HELSINKI (AP) — Estonian construction workers got the shock of their lives when they found out the animal they saved from an icy river was not a dog but a wolf.

Wyoming district will open 1-student school next fall

LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) — A Wyoming school district plans to re-open an isolated school to serve a single student entering kindergarten this fall.

Giant wooden troll is returning to Colorado ski town

BRECKENRIDGE, Colo. (AP) — A huge wooden troll will be reincarnated in a Colorado ski town, although it's unclear what it will look like or where it will sit.


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