Biting passengers on flight is no reason for cash compensation delay: EU court adviser

Air travelers cannot receive cash compensation if their flight is delayed by a passenger biting others and assaulting crew members, an adviser at the Court of Justice of the European Union said on Thursday.

Mother files complaint against formula producer after baby vomits worm

A French woman has filed a complaint against a baby formula manufacturer after her infant daughter allegedly vomited a parasitic worm the length of an adult index finger, police said Wednesday. The incident came after another family allegedly found a living larva in a container of the same milk powder brand, Gallia, manufactured by French firm Danone.

Cuba buys fuel shipment, vessel and all, due to US sanctions

Cuba purchased a shipment of oil -- and the vessel holding it -- as its owner refused to dock at the island nation over fears of violating US sanctions, the government said Wednesday. Authorities in Cuba -- which is facing a fuel shortage -- did not specify where the fuel or ship came from, nor when the purchase took place.

‘Exploding hammer’ festival leaves 43 injured in Mexico

Dozens of people have been injured in the annual ‘exploding hammer’ festival in Mexico.
The event, which takes place every February, involves people attaching a mix of sulpher and chlorate to the ends of sledge hammers.
They they smash the hammers against rail beams, making the substance explode and send up massive clouds of smoke.
Some of the participants are flung backwards with the force.

Doctors Discover Booze Brewing In Sober Woman's Bladder

The 61-year-old patient was denied a liver transplant because doctors thought she was hiding an alcohol abuse problem.

English Woman Tastes Sweet Victory In Annual Pancake Race

Katie Godor, from Olney, in Buckinghamshire, ran the 71st International Pancake Day race with a time of 1:06 seconds.

Scottish farmer fined for punching sheep

A Scottish wool farmer has pleaded guilty to animal abuse after he was caught on video punching two sheep in the face, an animal welfare charity said Tuesday. William Brown, 59, was fined £550 ($715, 660 euros) under Section 19 of Scotland's Animal Health and Welfare Act 2006, after he admitted to causing unnecessary suffering to two rams on his farm in Penicuik, south of Edinburgh, in 2018.

Sea lion resists help back home from rural road

Sheriff's deputies and Washington state wildlife officials had a standoff with a rather grumpy sea lion that was found wandering a rural road. Crews were able to coax her into a crate to carry her back to water. (Feb. 25)


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