Wild raccoon moves into German zoo; keepers can't expel it

BERLIN (AP) — A wild raccoon has moved into Heidelberg Zoo in Germany and keepers can't kick him out.

Police say 2 stole $21K worth of Victoria's Secret panties

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Police in Pennsylvania have identified two suspects accused of stealing $21,000 worth of Victoria's Secret underwear last month.

Shell shock: Turtle flies into car windshield on SC highway

CONWAY, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina driver got a case of shell shock after a turtle flying through the air on a busy highway shattered his windshield.

Smash Mouth Slams MLB All-Star Bryce Harper And Twitter Users Dunk Hard

Many fans were confused that the band famous for get-paid hit "All-Star" is picking on the Philadelphia Phillies superstar for his paycheck.

Police: Bank robber used oblivious dad as getaway driver

LEWISTON, Maine (AP) — Police in Maine say a man who robbed a bank used his unwitting father as a getaway driver.

Right-Wing Artist Jon McNaughton Mocked For Motorcycle Trump Portrait

When it comes to art, everyone’s a critic, and many took to Twitter to share their feelings about "MAGA Ride."

Romania's Witches Use The Web To Keep Customers Spellbound

The Internet is allowing many of the country's estimated 4,000 witches to build a global customer base.


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