Drink like a Mexican kingpin: 'El Chapo' beer launched by daughter

Have a cold one, have an "El Chapo" beer. That's the message of Alejandrina Guzman, whose company has developed a craft beer dedicated to her infamous, incarcerated kingpin father Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Dog Gives Birth To Green Puppy, Family Names Him 'Hulk'

Experts suspect that liquid from inside the mother dog's stomach -- and not gamma rays -- is what turned the white pup's fur temporarily green

For Some Reason, A Pigeon In Reno Is Wearing A Sombrero

The sighting comes after a pigeon in Las Vegas with a miniature cowboy hat glued to its head died earlier this week, animal officials said.

As Brexit clock ticks, UK in ding-dong over Big Ben bongs

The question exercising Britons as they face their last few days of EU membership is not about trade or sovereignty but whether Big Ben should ring out for Brexit. The world famous bell in parliament's Elizabeth Tower has been largely silent since August 2017 while undergoing repairs, but some Brexit supporters want it to sound on exit day on January 31.

Feral cats break into research facility to eat human flesh

Don’t be fooled thinking this is a loving pet showing playful affection (Picture: iStockphoto)

Moonstruck: Japanese billionaire's girlfriend entrants top 20,000

Applications to become Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa's girlfriend have topped 20,000, streaming service AbemaTV said on Thursday, ahead of its documentary on his search for a "life partner" to take on his moon voyage.

West Point Cadet Cancels GoFundMe For Date With Porn Star Diamond Foxxx

Foxxx, who appears on the TLC reality series "90 Day Fiance" as Stephanie Woodcock, said she believes the date would still be on if she didn't make adult films.

News Leak: Human Pee Blamed For Escalator Breakdowns On Mexico City Subway

An official told the Associated Press that riders appear to be urinating on escalators at off-peak hours and lightly used stations, “even though it seems hard to believe.”


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