Cockpit coffee spill forces commercial jet to make emergency landing

A commercial flight with 326 people on board was forced to make an emergency landing when hot coffee was accidentally spilled over the cockpit control panel over the Atlantic ocean, according to a report on Thursday.

Couple Given $120K In Accidental Bank Deposit Accused Of Spending Spree

Pennsylvania State Police said the couple spent most of the money on items like an SUV, a race car, two four-wheelers, and a camper.

French literati ponder 'brexit' dictionary entry

French literary types aghast at the political turmoil engulfing Britain as it seeks to leave the European Union launched a tongue-in-cheek Twitter campaign on Wednesday to add 'Brexit' to the national lexicon.

Russia scraps robot Fedor after space odyssey

It's mission over for a robot called Fedor that Russia blasted to the International Space Station, the developers said Wednesday, admitting he could not replace astronauts on space walks. There's nothing more for him to do there, he's completed his mission," Yevgeny Dudorov, executive director of robot developers Androidnaya Tekhnika, told RIA Novosti news agency.

Soldiers hospitalised as reindeer crashes Lapland wargames

A reindeer that wandered into the middle of a military exercise in Lapland caused a pile-up of armoured vehicles with 12 soldiers rushed to hospital, the Finnish military said Wednesday. "A Pasi armoured personnel carrier crashed into the one in front, which swerved to avoid a reindeer," a statement from the Kainuu Brigade said.

Florida Kid Brings Bearded Dragon To School In Backpack

The student told officials they brought Jango the lizard to school so he wouldn't be sad home alone all day.

'Storm Area 51' Founder Pulls Out Of 'Alien Stock,' Fears Another Fyre Festival

Matty Roberts says he's no longer participating in the possible music festival, citing “poor planning," among other things.

Man Arrested For Doing 'Doughnuts' On Donald Trump's New Jersey Golf Course

Suspect Richard McEwan was also arrested last month for breaking into Taylor Swift's Rhode Island mansion.


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