How To Conquer Your 'Star Wars' Phobia In Time For 'Force Awakens'

If you're like us, you've got a lot of emotional ties to the "Star Wars" films. Maybe your father took you to see them in the theaters. Maybe you had your first crush on one of the characters. Or maybe Jar Jar Binks represented the first time you ever felt like you were capable of murder. Anywayyyyyy... AOL's original video series "What To Watch" brings you a "Star Wars" fan who has enough emotional baggage to fill a space cruiser.

Why Is This Utah Community Wrapping Up Rocks and Junk

Why is a neighborhood in South Jordan wrapping up rocks and junk? Here's a hint: It's not to get rid of trash.

What It's Like To Have Synesthesia, A Condition That Makes You 'Taste' Sounds

For some people, one sense leads to another. For example, a word can "taste" like meatballs or a sound can be "seen" as the color blue. In the video above from Great Big Story, for example, one woman says that her experience of pain includes both color and shape. These people have synesthesia, a rare neurological condition in which two or more senses intertwine.

'Clumps For Trump' Lets You Send Donald Trump A Lump Of Coal

I think we can agree that if anyone deserves a lump of coal in his stocking this year, it's Donald Trump. And now, thanks to, you can send him that lump. Not only can you send a lump of coal and a message to the naughty person in your life, the site will take however many pieces of coal are ordered in the next seven days, match that number, and send those to Donald Trump on America's behalf. It could be 1,000. It could be 10,000,000.

After Blazing Siberian UFO Sighting, Expert Offers Scary Explanation

When a spectacular bright object descended from the evening sky on Nov. 17 over several cities in Siberia, many people thought they were seeing a UFO -- especially when an official explanation of the event wasn't immediately offered. The following video, posted to YouTube by PE Omsk -- a local Siberian news service -- shows the object as it was captured on videotape by citizens at different locations: Initial theories and online comments ran the gamut from UFO to an alien wormhole connecting our galactic neighborhood to another, to an undisclosed secret military rocket launch.

'Pothole fairy' tackles Russian roads

A florist in the city of Omsk is nicknamed the "road fairy" after taking pothole repairs into her own hands.

China diners charged 'clean air fee'

A restaurant in eastern China charges extra for providing clean air to its customers.

Utah community leaves fake packages on doorstep for thieves

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah (AP) — A man in one Utah community says his neighbors have begun placing decoy packages on front porches in an effort to thwart holiday delivery thieves.

Christmas display shows Santa's disapproval of terror group

LIMERICK, Maine (AP) — Deputies paid a visit to a southern Maine home after its owner's raunchy anti-terrorist Christmas light display was misconstrued as support for the Islamic State group.

State Street Ballet Has The Perfect Way To Spend A 5-Hour Layover

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