Sweden Rejects Man Who Wants TRUMP License Plate

Authorities said the combination of letters was "offensive" and violated motor vehicle department rules.

New Saudi minister jokes oil outlook could drive him to Prozac

Saudi Arabia's Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman brought some humour to his debut as the kingdom's new oil minister Monday, joking that the industry outlook could drive him to take Prozac if he took it seriously. Speaking at an international energy forum in Abu Dhabi where he was the star of the show just a day after being appointed by his father King Salman, the new minister deflected concerns over the health of the energy sector.

Bigfoot's Watching Me: N.C. Man Shares Footage Of Something In The Woods

“They are there, people,” the Bigfoot enthusiast said. “They’re there and we need to respect them.”

Tourist told to pull 'Nazi grandpa' comments in Austria

An Austrian court has ruled that a German tourist who took exception to a World War II portrait in an Austrian guesthouse had no right to complain about it on travel sites, the hotel owner's lawyer said Friday. The posts "gave millions of people the impression that my client sympathises with National Socialism", lawyer Stefan Kofler told AFP, saying this had harmed her reputation. After its annexation by Germany in 1938, Austria became closely associated with Hitler's Third Reich.


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