Cannabis lobby warns against smoking due to coronavirus

To avoid spreading the novel coronavirus, marijuana smokers should avoid sharing joints and should favor edible products, US cannabis industry figures said Wednesday. "As long as cultures have consumed cannabis, the practice of sharing a joint amongst friends has been a common social practice," said Erik Altieri, executive director of NORML, a major US pro-cannabis lobby.

California Man Starts Street Corner Toilet Paper Exchange

Drivers are dropping off rolls of TP to the man who quickly gives them away to those in need.

Scammers use coronavirus to trick fearful South Africans

South Africa's central bank has warned citizens against scammers visiting homes to "recall" banknotes and coins they said were contaminated with the novel coronavirus. To date South Africa has recorded 62 cases, the second-highest number of coronavirus infections in Africa after Egypt. President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the closing of schools and banned public gatherings after numbers more than tripled over the weekend.

Sky writing could return to the UK for first time in 60 years

A sky writing message that appeared over the sky in Sydney amid the coronavirus crisis

Belarusian leader proposes 'tractor' therapy for virus

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Monday encouraged citizens to work in the countryside and drive tractors as a way to overcome the coronavirus epidemic. "It's nice watching television: people are working in tractors, no one is talking about the virus," Lukashenko said. Belarus is famed in the former Soviet Union for its tractor production, with the Minsk tractor plant remaining a regional leader.

Cheerful masks help battle coronavirus in Bulgaria

Cheerful face masks are helping to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus in Bulgaria thanks to a small company in the capital Sofia. "The idea came to us spontaneously as we got calls from friends asking us to sew them masks," co-owner Desislava Yankova told AFP. "We stopped our usual production of baby sleeping bags for a week and we hope to be able to make about 3,000 masks to send to hospitals and police stations around the country," she added.

Aussies chide Tom Hanks over his quarantine Vegemite diet

Quarantined US actor Tom Hanks has prompted a wave of gentle ribbing from his Australian hosts concerned about his fervid use of their beloved Vegemite spread. Hanks has been in hospital isolation with his wife Rita Wilson since they tested positive for coronavirus last week. On Sunday he posted a photo showing two pieces of toast smothered in Vegemite, a salty and pungent paste made from yeast extract.

Xherdan The Sphynx Cat Becomes Internet's New Spirit Animal

A hairless feline from Switzerland is gaining fans for his extreme looks and winning personality.


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