Don't mention the word! But Boris insists no 'Brexit' ban

Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday insisted that "Brexit" was not banned, despite not mentioning the word in a speech setting out Britain's negotiating position with Brussels for trade talks. Britain on Friday became the first country to leave the EU after 47 years of membership, capping more than three years of division and debate following a landmark 2016 referendum.

Rubik's Cube "Mona Lisa" goes on sale in Paris

A street art Rubik's Cube version of the "Mona Lisa" is expected to sell for up to 150,000 euros ($166,000) when it goes under the hammer in Paris this month. Made from 330 Rubik's Cubes by the French artist Invader -- famous for his ceramic Space Invaders figures inspired by the vintage pixelated video game -- is called "Rubik Mona Lisa". It is the first of a series of works in which the artist has recreated some of the great paintings of art history in Rubik's Cubes.

Villa fan Tom Hanks celebrates 'win', four weeks before match

Paris (AFP) - Tom Hanks attracted attention on social media Sunday after the Aston Villa supporter posted a tweet appearing to celebrate the English side's League Cup triumph -- a month before the final.

The Most Profound ‘Shower Thoughts’ On Reddit This Week

"If 'Star Trek'-like transporter technology were invented, the airline industry would spend billions to discredit it as unsafe and scary."

Pasteurised camembert? French cheesemakers vote 'Non'

A battle over the future of camembert came to a head Friday after French producers voted against allowing pasteurised versions of the classic raw-milk cheese. A narrow majority of northern French cheese-makers -- 53 percent -- rejected a plan that would have given industrial producers the right to use the exclusive "Camembert of Normandy" label, even when using modern techniques denounced by purists.

Dogs, 'hot girls' and dark humor: a week on the US campaign trail

Beautiful women mustering for Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg not knowing how to stroke a dog properly, Joe Biden joking about his own mortality and Andrew Yang wanting to change the NBA logo: a few of the offbeat highlights from a week on the US campaign trail. Electoral targeting is an art rather than an exact science, as the country was reminded this week when President Donald Trump's campaign manager said he had received text messages urging him to vote for... Bernie Sanders.

Street sign smashes into police car's windsheild

Police in West Jordan, Utah, are looking for the driver of a van that struck a street sign in the median of a roadway Tuesday night, sending it flying into the windshield of a police car. The incident was captured on the police car's dashcam. (Jan. 31)


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