Unusual ear condition explained

THE unusual condition, which affects 1 per cent of the population, is evolutionary and can be traced back to fish gills.

Couple weds in Jersey high school hall where they met

CLIFTON, N.J. (AP) — Two high school sweethearts in New Jersey returned to the high school hallway where they first met nearly three decades ago for their wedding over the weekend.

Mum makes children walk to school wearing signs after being rude to bus driver

The older brother learned his lesson immediately, while his younger brother needed a second day of walking to school to get the message

Why do cats bring you dead animals?

Cats are prone to dumping little animal gifts at our feet, but why? (Picture: Getty)

Angry note left on teen’s car

A YOUNG driver has spoken of his shock after being slapped with an angry note by a heavily pregnant woman who branded him a “bellend” — despite parking her car on the line.

One-punch victim’s outrage over sentence

BRITTANY Powell is outraged at the punishment the man who attacked her at Schoolies last year has been handed.

The town where you’re not allowed to die

LONGYEARBYEN, the capital of the remote Norwegian island of Svalbard, can look like an Arctic wonderland of snow and midnight light shows.

Trapped in an apocalyptic sex cult

DRESSED head to toe in black and wielding broomsticks like guns, a band of assailants in helmets burst through the doors shouting and screaming like terrorists.

Choppers destroyed as blades collide

INCREDIBLE CCTV footage has shown the moment two police helicopters were completely destroyed when their rotor blades collided.


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