Brexit Party piped out of Brussels

Members of the Brexit Party left the European Parliament on Friday, just hours before Britain was to exit the EU, waving the Union Jack and accompanied by a lone bagpiper. Party leader Nigel Farage had left Brussels on Wednesday after the parliament's historic vote to ratify Britain's EU divorce papers and end a 47-year relationship.

Fiona The Hippo's Vomit Predicts Super Bowl Win For Kansas City Chiefs

The Cincinnati Zoo's celebrity hippo is no Paul the Psychic Octopus when it comes to predicting winners, but she's a lot cuter.

Goodbye Mr Bean: EU missing Britain's 'sense of humour'

With Britain Brexiting, a lot of things are changing in the EU. "The first thing (being missed) is the sense of humour" Britain's EU commissioners brought to meetings, European Commission Vice President Margrethe Vestager told journalists. For the past couple of months Britain has largely stopped sending its national officials to EU meetings and Julian King, Britain's last commissioner, was not re-appointed to EU president Ursula von der Leyen's new commission.

Brexit fight takes over pop charts on eve of departure

Having fought a titanic political contest for three years over Brexit, Britain's "leavers" and "remainers" are now doing battle in the pop charts on the eve of their EU departure. The piece from Beethoven's ninth symphony is performed by the Johann Strauss Orchestra, led by Dutch conductor Andre Rieu, and has shot to the top of the country's iTunes download chart. Britain opted to leave the EU by a margin of 17.4 million to 16.1 million votes in the seismic 2016 referendum.

British man found guilty of trying to steal Magna Carta

A man was convicted Friday of attempting to steal a priceless 1215 original version of the Magna Carta, smashing its case with a hammer. Mark Royden, 47, attacked the protective glass surrounding the historic manuscript at Salisbury Cathedral but was chased off by tourists and eventually cornered by stonemasons.

Woman with 31 fingers and toes cruelly branded ‘witch’ by neighbours

Kumari Nayak, 63, was born with polydactylism – a common abnormality at birth where the person has extra fingers and toes (Picture: SWNS)

'Extremely Obese' Owl Rescued After Becoming Too Fat To Fly

The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary first thought the bird was injured, but it turns out she was just carrying some extra holiday weight.

Moonstruck: Japan billionaire cancels hunt for lunar love

A Japanese billionaire who launched a public search for a girlfriend willing to join him on a trip into space abruptly cancelled the hunt on Thursday, despite attracting nearly 30,000 applicants. Yusaku Maezawa earlier this month said he was looking for a mate willing to join him when he heads on a trip around the Moon in 2023 or later, as the first private passenger on a voyage offered by Elon Musk's SpaceX.

Japanese billionaire Maezawa pulls out of dating show that promised the moon

Japanese fashion billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has pulled out of a documentary search for a girlfriend to take on his voyage around the moon with Elon Musk's SpaceX, citing his "mixed feelings" about participating.


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