Lost pup turns out to be a rare purebred dingo

It's little wonder Wandi was mistaken for a dog when he was found in an Australian backyard -- but DNA testing has confirmed he's a rare 100 percent dingo. The pup was discovered whimpering and alone in a country town in Victoria in August with talon marks on his back, leading to speculation it could have been dropped by a large bird of prey.

School parrot celebrates 70th birthday with cake and extra nuts

Sim the parrot survived a school fire in 1991, three years after moving into the building

Boat stuck above Niagara Falls for over a century moves downriver

An iron boat stuck above Niagara Falls for more than a century has moved because of severe weather, a park official said. Known as the "Iron Scow," the boat is an iconic feature of Niagara Falls and had been stuck in the rocks about 600 meters from the edge of the falls. The boat broke loose from a tug on August 6, 1918, leaving two men stranded aboard, but they were rescued the following day, according to Niagara Parks.

Australia win the inaugural 'Ashes' of jousting against England

Australia and England took their storied sports rivalry to another level, and another century, this weekend as the two nations faced off in a jousting tournament, won by the Australian side Sunday. Dubbed the "Ashes" of jousting -- a reference to the historic cricket Test matches between the two countries -- three Australian "knights" bested a trio of English counterparts over two days of competition in a small town in rural Victoria state.

Woman Sold Medical Excuse Notes To Students For $20 Each: Sheriff

News outlets report 52-year-old Belinda Gail Fondren was charged with filing or maintaining false public records.

TV Anchors Lose It When Meteorologist Shows Up Dressed Like... Umm...

Global Calgary meteorologist Jordan Witzel may have just won Halloween as Ferdinand, the mystical unicorn.

The science of zombies: Will the undead rise?

There are in fact a growing number of documented examples in the animal kingdom of parasites that change their hosts' behavior -- and increasing evidence that humans are not immune to zombie-like manipulations.


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