Dead leopard on the A646 turned out to be ‘some tart’s coat’

Ben Lilly realised his mistake as he crept closer to the leopard-print onesie (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Democrat presidential candidate shakes dog’s mouth like it’s his hand

They say it’s best to greet those you meet with a firm handshake, showing confidence and approachability.
It seems that Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has taken that on board – so much so that he even applies it to dogs.
Video shows him grasp the dog by the upper jaw and shake.
Thankfully, the dog seemed to like it and didn’t bite him.
Former New York mayor Mr Bloomberg was at at campaign event in Burlington, Vermont, when he was introduced to the dog.

Police dog finds wedding ring man threw away after row with wife

Carl Woodall pulled over after spotting two men at the side of the road looking into the grass with a torch (Picture: SWNS)

Wisconsin Cops Pull Over Wienermobile For Traffic Infraction

Police said the driver of the giant hot dog failed to give enough room to another car on the road with emergency lights.

Winter Wonderland Is A Spring Nightmare For New Hampshire Woman

The woman says the operators of a seasonal attraction of ice structures failed to control runoff and flooded her basement with over 15,000 gallons of water.

Man Arrested For Possessing Pot Lights Up Joint In Courtroom

The suspect approached the bench to discuss his sentence but instead expressed his views on legalizing marijuana before lighting up a marijuana cigarette and smoking it in front of the judge.

Pompeo loses his temper with journalist over Ukraine questions

Shouts, glares and unprintable words: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lost his temper at a journalist after she questioned him on the administration's stance on Ukraine, the country at the heart of President Donald Trump's impeachment trial. It began when Pompeo gave an early morning interview to NPR radio. Much of the discussion dealt with Iran, but journalist Mary Louise Kelly closed by asking Pompeo about Ukraine.

The Most Profound 'Shower Thoughts’ On Reddit This Week

"You never notice how much your head weighs until you’re resting it on your sleeping dog."


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