Putin says grandfather cooked for Stalin and Lenin

In the two-hour documentary, called Putin, the president said Spiridon Putin was a valued member of Stalin's staff. The wartime Soviet leader, who died in 1953, conducted extensive purges during his around three decades in power. "(He) was a cook at Lenin's and later at Stalin's, at one of the dachas in the Moscow area," Putin said in the film seen by Reuters.

What does DNA stand for?

Here’s the truth about why DNA is called DNA (Picture: Rex Shutterstock)
We all learned about DNA in school, right?

Aging kangaroo to get cryotherapy treatment for arthritis

NEW YORK (AP) — An aging kangaroo who calls the Bronx Zoo home is receiving cryotherapy treatment for arthritis.

Where is the missing pound? Can you solve the puzzle?

(Picture: Getty)
There’s nothing like a good brainteaser to absolutely ruin your day.

Why do men wake up with an erection?

It is always nice to wake up to find a firm banana…… for your porridge (Picture: Getty)


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