Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch? Doritos lure rogue pig back home

HIGHLAND, Calif. (AP) — Deputies in California have used Doritos to lure a pig "the size of a mini horse" back home.

Kangaroo attacks couple in northeastern Australia, injures woman

Australian wildlife carers Jim and Linda Smith are lucky to be alive, an ambulance official said, after they were attacked by a kangaroo in northeastern Queensland state.

Fendi mocked for $1300 X-rated scarf

FENDI has been mocked for creating a shawl that looks very dodgy indeed.

Businesswoman offering UK sex doll rental service

A businesswoman is offering one of the UK’s first sex doll rental services – but don’t worry certain parts are replaced after every customer.
Jade Stanely, 35, from Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, owns a chain of sunbed shops but was inspired after reading about the sex doll industry in a newspaper article.
The married mother-of-four, who says business is booming, now offers the first ever rental service for those looking for comfort.

Bank staff flee when massive Burmese python drops in on morning meeting

Morning work meetings can be difficult to get excited about but getting a surprise visit from a giant snake is definitely one way to shake things up.
Staff at an Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in the city of Nanning, China, dispersed in seconds after the unwelcome visitor dropped into the morning briefing on Friday.
Footage from the bank’s VIP room shows the group of employees gathered in a circle at just after 8am local time on October 12 when the snake suddenly falls from a ceiling board.

CCTV footage ruins woman’s bizarre accusation

A WOMAN dubbed “Cornerstore Caroline” has been shamed after wrongfully accusing a 9-year-old boy of groping her behind in a store.


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