China beach fans never without their inflatable

At one of China's most popular seaside resorts, a brightly coloured inflatable ring is an essential item for a day on the beach. "First it's for safety," said Pan Wenxiang, a young man cooling off with friends at Golden Sands Beach in Qingdao. For the more intrepid beach-goer, there are also large zorb balls -- giant inflatable orbs that people can get inside of and then roll around in -- although space to move on the busy sand appears limited.

Oh rats! Japan convenience store apologizes after viral rodent video

Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart apologized after video went viral on social media of rats scurrying about one of its stores in Tokyo's popular Shibuya district, prompting it to close the outlet until further notice.

Florida Toilet Explodes After Lightning Strikes Septic Tank

Marylou Ward says the explosion was the loudest sound she’s ever heard, and that she also smelled smoke.

Artificial 'tongue' can distinguish between whiskies

Scientists revealed Tuesday they have come up with an artificial "tongue" which can distinguish subtle differences between whiskies. Experts at the University of Glasgow have built the miniature taster which can even tell the difference between the same brand aged in different barrels, with more than 99 percent accuracy. The technology can identify a host of different chemicals within a complex mixture.

Indonesian walks 700-km backwards to highlight deforestation

An Indonesia man is walking backwards from his home in eastern Java to the capital Jakarta to raise awareness of deforestation in a country with one of the highest rates in the world.

The man in the plastic mask: Brazil inmate busted in brazen jailbreak

A masked Rio de Janeiro inmate dressed as a woman tried to break out of a Brazilian jail this weekend in a surreal act of derring-do, only to be thwarted on the cusp of freedom by state prison authorities.

Man Accidentally Throws Away $23,000 Into Recycling Bin

Employees at a recycling facility in Humboldt County, California, recovered all but $320.

Gang Leader Attempts Prison Escape Disguised As His Daughter

Brazilian drug trafficker Clauvino da Silva attempted to switch places with the 19-year-old by wearing a silicone mask and a wig, according to authorities.


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