Kentucky Derby Fans Can Watch Turtles Race Instead Of Horses This Weekend

The Kentucky Turtle Derby will feature thoroughbreds like Sir-Hides-A-Bunch, American Toruga and Galapa-GO! in the field.

Hero Cat Alerts Sleeping Family To Burning Slow Cooker

Joey, a cat in Canada, woke up his owners Sunday morning after the slow cooker caught on fire.

Two pizzas and a spliff please: Interpol warns of lockdown drug deliveries

Criminal gangs are using fast-food couriers to deliver recreational drugs to people confined at home because of coronavirus lockdowns, policing agency Interpol said Thursday. Cocaine, marijuana, ketamine and ecstasy are among the drugs being moved in pizza boxes or other takeaway containers in countries including Ireland, Malaysia, Spain and Britain, Interpol said in a statement.

Porch costumes provide cheer in troubled times

It started as a way for Erin Kemble to entertain her young cousins, who she misses seeing, and to keep herself busy after the catering company where she works closed. When that image got 30,000 social media "likes" she thought she might be onto something -- besides just flaunting her new-found fame to her three college- and high school-age children. "I could probably do this for the rest of my life," a smiling Kemble tells AFP.

Do your bit for farmers and eat more fries, Belgians urged

With potato farmers and processors struggling, Belgians are being urged to eat more fries to offset a slump in demand during the coronavirus pandemic.

Man Wins $1 Million Lottery Jackpot Twice On Same Day

A Colorado man identified only as "Joe B." won two $1 million Powerball jackpots on March 25.

Norwegian billionaire held over wife's disappearance

Norwegian police said Tuesday they had arrested a wealthy businessman over the disappearance of his wife 18 months ago, the latest twist in a case that has kept the Nordic countries on tenterhooks. Tom Hagen, 70, was arrested as he was leaving his home for work on Tuesday, on suspicion of "murder or accessory to murder," commissioner Ida Melbo Oystese told a press conference.

Welcome Mat At Florida Home Seeks Warrant And Deputies Obliged

After following the mat's helpful advice, Flagler County Sheriff’s deputies allegedly found fentanyl and drug paraphernalia inside the home.

City Official Who Tossed Cat During Zoom Meeting Resigns From Commission

Chris Platzer, a former planning commissioner for Vallejo, California, was apparently drinking a beer during a public meeting conducted online.

1-Eyed Squirrel With Instagram Account Is Returned To Nature

Emily Istre of Lafayette, Louisiana, nursed Willamina the squirrel back to health, a process she said was "like having a toddler on meth.”


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