World's Rarest Panda Caught On Camera In China For First Time Ever

The first known albino panda was caught on wildlife camera at Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan.

Road closes when bee boxes fall off university truck

PULLMAN, Wash. (AP) — Traffic was disrupted in a Washington state city when boxes holding thousands of bees fell off a truck.

Duvets discarded, cushions thrown at Japan's Pillow Fighting Championship

The Japanese may be known for their neatness, particularly when it comes to making their bed in the morning, but all social norms went out the window on Saturday during qualifying for the All-Japan Pillow Fighting Championships in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Shameless seagull tries to steal an entire loaf of bread from Poundland

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Duvets discarded, cushions thrown at Japan's Pillow Fighting Championship

In the small fishing town of Ito, 150 kilometers south of Tokyo, teams gathered from across the region to compete in the event that has been one of Japan's quirkiest since 2013. "(My team) are all married and brought their children and families today to enjoy a day out." Team 'BlancWhite' who contained nine-year-old Soda Wamanobe -- the second youngest competitor -- won the tournament.

Man Allegedly Gives False Name During Arrest -- Despite Wearing Name Tag

A police officer in Lincoln, Nebraska, noticed the suspect was wearing a name tag for a man wanted on two arrest warrants.

Easter Island Statues Threatened By Nose-Pick Selfie-Snapping Tourists

Archeologist Jo Anne Van Tilburg fears that the giant heads are being damaged by tourists climbing all over them.


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