'Flying' river taxi tests Seine waters in Paris

A "flying" electric river taxi hailed by its creators as the future of clean city transport is being put through a battery of tests in Paris this week, with a view to being in service by the spring. Named the "Sea Bubble", the white aerodynamic craft skimmed over the River Seine at speeds of up to 30 km/hour (17 m/hour), hovering 50 centimetres (1.5 feet) above the water.

A tangled web: UK judge's #spiderbrooch goes viral

Her words had huge implications, but for many social media users watching the president of Britain's Supreme Court rule Tuesday on the suspension of parliament, it was all about her spider brooch. Judge Brenda Hale delivered the court's damning verdict against Prime Minister Boris Johnson with a huge glittery spider pinned to her right shoulder. "I really hope that spider doesn't get Lady Hale before she announces it," commented comedian Tiernan Douieb as the court president began her ruling.

Arizona Woman Says Burger King Sold Her Raw Chicken Sandwich

Charlotte Parker said the meat in the sandwich she was served was as "raw as it could be, pink as it could be.”

Loo and behold! Japan's high-tech toilets bemuse fans

Japan may not win their home Rugby World Cup but they have already proved themselves world beaters when it comes to toilets.

Panther stolen from zoo after rescue from French rooftops

It appears to be France's most coveted cat: A black panther rescued from rooftops near the northern city of Lille last week has been stolen from the zoo where it was taken after capture, officials said. The feline was seized overnight from the zoo in Maubeuge near the Belgian border, the city's mayor, Arnaud Decagny, told AFP on Tuesday.

UK Couple Growing Furniture On Farm

Prices for the farmed furniture range from $1,120 for a lamp to more than $12,000 for a chair.

From tree to chair without the carpentry: UK couple grows furniture

On a two-acre field in England's Midlands, Gavin and Alice Munro are taking sustainability to the next level: they harvest trees which they train to grow into chairs.

German court rules hangovers are 'illness'

Frankfurt am Main (AFP) - A German court said in a ruling published Monday that hangovers are an "illness", in a timely judgement days after the annual Oktoberfest beer festival began in Munich.

Wedding misery for man named Thomas Cook as travel firm collapses

A British man named Thomas Cook said Monday he feared his dream wedding in Greece was ruined after the collapse of the holiday firm with the same name. Cook, 29, is on the island of Rhodes with his partner Amelia Binch, 27, and their two children ahead of their planned wedding on Friday. "Thomas Cook promised us a surprise on our wedding because of my name but this was not the surprise we were expecting," he told the paper.


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