Austria's Kurz sworn in with soap opera subtitles in TV re-run gaffe

Austrian television's web replay of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's swearing-in ceremony went viral Wednesday after it mistakenly aired with soap opera subtitles suggesting he was offering the president a job as a housemaid. Kurz was sworn in Tuesday as the world's youngest democratically elected leader at the head of an unlikely coalition with the Greens following the collapse of his Conservatives' previous alliance with the far-right.

British Govt. Wants To Hire 'Weirdos' And Uri Geller Wants The Job

Officials want to add more "cognitive diversity" to the Civil Service and the spoon bending psychic figures that makes him the perfect candidate.

Man Whose Employer Gave Out BBQ Sauce For Holiday Gift Gets Fired For Spicy Tweet

The British Columbia-based Fastenal manager felt burned by the gift, complaining U.S. workers received gift boxes filled with candy, beef jerky and other goodies.

After Britain appeals for weirdos, spoon bender Uri Geller applies

Spoon-bending celebrity psychic Uri Geller, 73, has applied for a job in the British government in response to an advert for "misfits" and "weirdos", saying no other candidate would possess his powers.

Nepal elephant festival scrutinised for beauty and bruises

Hundreds cheered as the three beauty contest finalists strolled out into the middle of the grounds and raised their painted trunks to the judges -- symbols of all that is admired and denounced at Nepal's annual elephant festival. Many outsiders were also looking for signs of abuse at the festival, which has been held in the Chitwan district, home to Nepal's most important conservation area and a lucrative tourist destination, since 2004.

People Have Lots Of Feelings About Gwyneth Paltrow In What Looks Like A Vagina

After a promo image for her Netflix show was released Monday, one Twitter user asked, "Why is tiny Gwyneth Paltrow wearing heels in my vagina?"

'Alien Abduction' Victim: 'I Made Sure I Got Home For Dinner'

Houston resident Larry Lewis said a fluke in his Ring camera made it look like he was being beamed up to outer space.

High School Students Spend Holiday Break Building Toilet Paper Pyramid

Students at Bullock Creek High School in Midland County needed 16 hours to make 27,434 rolls of TP look like it belonged in ancient Egypt.

Don't mention the b-word! Britain makes 'Brexit' taboo

After almost four years in which Brexit has dominated British politics, the word itself will be largely banned within government from next month, an official said Tuesday. Parliament is expected to ratify Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plan to leave the European Union in the next two weeks, paving the way for Britain's departure from the bloc on January 31. One official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the word "Brexit" would be used as sparingly as possible.


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