Man Who Filmed Himself Licking Ice Cream Tub Gets Jail Time

The 24-year-old Texas man was sentenced to 30 days in jail for posting a video showing himself removing an ice cream container from a Texas market freezer, licking the contents and returning the container to the freezer.

That Seals It! Santa Fe's Official City Seal Has Accent Mark In Wrong Spot

The seal on the city’s website puts the accent mark over the first “s” in Asís instead of over the “i.”

Comedian spoofs Brazil's Bolsonaro with banana joke

Brasília (AFP) - Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is known for making an obscene arm gesture at journalists that is known in Portuguese as the "banana." With Bolsonaro's apparent blessing, comic Marvio Lucio arrived at the presidential palace in Brasilia in an official-looking black car, just as the president does each day. Then, dressed in a suit and presidential sash, he offered the bananas to journalists waiting to question the man known as the "Tropical Trump."

Trump says coronavirus leaves him out of touch -- with his face

Washington (AFP) - President Donald Trump complained Wednesday that anti-coronavirus measures are leaving him out of touch -- with his own face.

Barbie launches dolls to honour women sports stars

British sprint world champion Dina Asher-Smith said she was "proud" to have her own Barbie as the toy brand announced a line-up of dolls to honour female sporting role models ahead of International Women's Day. Asher-Smith, who won the 200 metres gold at last year's world championships in Doha, was one of several sports stars to be recognised as role models. French women's football captain Amandine Henry and Ukraine's fencing world champion Olga Kharlan also have dolls.

Somalis turn to Dr Hyena to fight depression, mental illness

The growls from the caged hyena reverberate through the room as Mohamed Sheikh Yakub slumps silently in a chair nearby, hoping the animal will frighten away the evil spirits he says have troubled him since his divorce.

Zoo's baby hippo gets name, romps with mother

The San Diego Zoo has named a new river hippo calf, Ahmale, which means "beautiful one" in Zulu. The baby was born on February 8 and now weighs an estimated 100 pounds and is active and healthy. (Feb. 28)

ITV News reporter tricked into wearing body armour to hold a koala

Carers told her they might have to subdue it with a dart gun as it was preparing to attack her (Picture: ITV)


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