These extreme piercings at a vegetarian festival will leave you wincing

Warning: graphic images
If you’re squeamish you may want to look away now.
As burning incense fills the air, devotees in trances force skewers and swords through their cheeks as part of a vegetarian festival in Thailand.
The Taoist ‘Nine Emperor Gods’ event is held on the holiday island of Phuket each year.

Man tasered by police for refusing to stop having sex with car exhaust

A man had to be Tasered by police because – hold your breath – he wouldn’t stop trying to have sex with a car exhaust.
Ryan Scott Malek’s was four times the legal alcohol limit when police found him in a questionable position with a parked car on May 1.
Officers tried to get him to stop, but persistent Malek, from Newton, Kansas, US, kept going.

Naming Rights: Orlando's new police chief is named Orlando

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Orlando's newest police chief is already making a name for himself. His name? Orlando.

Man nicknamed 'Willy Wonka' pleads guilty to multiple crimes

SALEM, Mass. (AP) — The leader of a multistate ATM and vehicle burglary ring known as "Willy Wonka" or the "Chocolate Man" has pleaded guilty to 60 charges.

Home where witch trials victim John Proctor lived for sale

PEABODY, Mass. (AP) — A house where a victim of the Salem witch trials once lived is on the market for $600,000 just in time for Halloween.

Camel toe underwear is officially a thing

JUST when we thought fashion couldn’t get any more bizarre, someone has gone and designed the one thing no one asked for or wanted.

Kent students’ union bans cowboy fancy dress costumes and sombreros

Fancy dress parties, particularly around Halloween, are a staple part of going to university.
However, students in Kent have been given guidance that tells them not to wear a number of different outfits.
Among the list of costumes that they deem offensive are cowboy outfits and sombreros.

Husband divorces wife after spotting her with another man on Google Maps

A husband has divorced his wife after finding a picture of her with another man on Google Maps, it has been claimed.
The man was checking the best way to get to a bridge in the Peruvian capital city of Lima when he spotted a familiar figure, a news agency claims.
He saw a woman sitting on a bench stroking the hair of a man who was lying with his head in her lap.


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