Museum stages tortoise theft ‘to avoid embarrassment’ by putting animal in lift

Cashew, an 18-pound African leopard tortoise was trapped in its enclosure and not stolen (Picture: AP)
The mystery behind an African leopard tortoise going missing from a museum has now been solved – and it turns out it hadn’t been stolen, as the museum originally claimed, but was actually stuck behind a panel in its enclosure.
In a further twist, two days after Cashew went missing the trapped animal was discovered trapped in his enclosure by an employee – but they then hid it in a lift.

Pregnant sheep survives 11 days under snow at Scottish farm

A pregnant sheep who survived 11 days buried under snow at a farm in south west Scotland is on the road to recovery.
The animal is already walking around and eating after its ordeal and was one of only four sheep that managed to survive.
This pregnant sheep survived 11 days buried under snow (Picture: ITN)
It has even gained some notoriety for managing to stay alive, with thousands of Facebook users ‘liking’ a post that brought news of its amazing feat.
Young farmer Stuart Mactier spoke of his excitement at finding the ewe alive.

Woman receives marriage proposals after attractive police mugshot is posted on Reddit

Meagan Simmons has received a lot of male attention for her police mugshot (Picture: Hillsborough County)
Most people don’t look their best when having their photo taken after being arrested – but Meagan Simmons has won admirers who’ve even gone so far as to propose to her from her police mugshot alone.
When Ms Simmons was detained for driving under the influence she could never have imagined a photo of her would go viral and, as a result, she would receive dozens of marriage proposals.

Rembrandt painting reconstruction ends best organised ‘flash mob’ ever

The 17th century flash mob invaded a Dutch shopping centre (Picture: ITN)
You wouldn’t expect to witness a 17th century invasion involving horses when going to your local shopping centre but that’s what happened to some customers who found themselves in the midst of a battle.
It wasn’t a real clash though, it was actually a flash mob involving actors dressed in costumes that had surprised shoppers at a Dutch mall.

State trooper mowed down by truck gets up to arrest suspect

Arrested: Arnold Frankie (Picture: Police handout)
Being mowed down by a pickup truck didn’t stop one determined police officer from enforcing the long arm of the law.
State trooper Heather Gonglik was on traffic patrol on Wednesday when she was thrown into the air after a 62-year-old refused to stop in Bentleyville, Pennsylvania.
‘The victim eventually managed to stop the vehicle and approached the driver’s side to speak to the accused,’ explained Trooper Matthew Gavrish.

Gallery: World Pillow Fight Day 2013

Trafalgar Square was host to a massive pillow fight today as people marked World Pillow Fight Day.
Feathers were flying as hundreds of people gathered to bash the life out of their old pillows.
The flashmob pillow fight was set up by a group called Urban Playground Movement who organise other such events around the world.
Pillow fights have been taking place in cities around the world and it is the fifth year that a mass pillow fight has taken place in London.

WATCH: Maryland State Senator 'Wouldn't Mind A Toke' Of Pot

A mayor called "Sugardaddie," a $200,000 cheese heist, and a lawnmower DUI? Thats just the beginning of this week's local news roundup.

Check out each story using the links below:

Video: Time Lapse: ISS captures our beautiful Earth

Stunning time lapse video of Earth, viewed from the International Space Station from August to October 2011. Video courtesy of Michael König.

Chinese driver leaves car dangling after parking fail

Parking clearly isn’t this driver’s forte (Picture: CEN)
Car parking can certainly be costly at times – but one driver got more than he bargained for when he tried to dodge charges.
The driver apparently thought he could escape paying by parking at night while the multi-storey was being refurbished, with a sign stating it was not in use.
But after trying to drive out via the unmarked ramp the car was left dangling over the edge of an eight foot drop.

Top 10 must see viral videos of the week: Baby-Wan Kenobi to dancing sea lion

Ronan was nodding along to Boogie Wonderland (Picture: YouTube)
Metro runs through the top ten must see viral videos of the week including a Mary Poppins inspired daredevil and a dog performing 20 stunts in just 60 seconds.
A tanked up (allegedly) Russian soldier also features; as does an April Fools’ Day joke from internet search engine giant Google.
We also have a dancing sea lion and a show-off fish, but can anyone beat Jumpy the performing dog to the number one spot?
10. Soldier drives tank into lamp post


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