Fund set up to repay Maine hermit victims

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The attorney for a Maine man who lived in the woods as a hermit for 27 years has established a fund to repay people who think they were victims of burglaries at their cottages by the recluse.

The day another explosion rocked Waco

TWENTY years ago, 76 followers of a sex-crazed religious cult leader, among them Australians, died in a fiery siege.  

Shave, massage and a little off the top

TOPLESS hairdressers have set up shop in Brisbane's CBD with customers travelling from as far as Townsville to get their locks lopped. 

UFO 'was awesome and I hope I see more'

SOMETHING strange is moving in the skies above Brisbane and one man who has seen it - twice - is hoping others will come forward to corroborate his story. 

Sinkhole Swallows Up Three Cars In Chicago

A driver is injured after his car fell into a large pit that opened up on a suburban road after heavy rain and flooding.

Beckhams are 'posher', study finds

David and Victoria Beckham have changed their speech to "sound less working class", researchers at the University of Manchester conclude.

Cancer patient 'saves ambulance man'

A Frenchman with late-stage cancer has saved the life of an ambulance driver who had a heart attack whilst driving him to hospital, doctors say.

The unpleasant pheasant: Feathered fiend called Phil keeps attacking family

Unpleasant pheasant: Phil (Picture: Newsteam)
Meet Phil the pheasant – a real-life angry bird who has been terrorising a family.
The feathered thug waits outside Sally-Ann Hudson’s country home and attacks her and her parents when they step outside.
He also watches Ms Hudson, 44, from outside the house, headbutts her windows and chases her car down the street.
After four months, she is scared of leaving her house without gloves and a badminton racquet to fend off the pheasant.
Phil waits outside Sally-Ann Hudson’s home (Picture: Newsteam)

Criminally Creepy Landlord Thwarted By Cosmopolitan Magazine

A peeping Tom with a law degree and advanced degrees from Harvard and MIT has pleaded guilty to secretly taping his female tenants having sex. His spying was discovered, in part, thanks to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Dennis Alan Van Dusen, 64, recorded three women who rented rooms in his house, in the tony D.C. suburb of Chevy Chase, Md., with cameras he installed in smoke detectors above their beds.

Documents Show Octomom Made Too Much To Collect Welfare

There's no doubt that raising 14 children has to be expensive, but newly uncovered financial documents show that Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, was earning far too much money to be receiving welfare.


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