Seriously, That Worked?

Is it just us, or have girls gotten way too trusting with their cell phones? The folks at Whatever certainly proved that one with this prank showing how to get pretty much any girl's phone number.

Sorry, if a guy wearing sweatpants asks for our cell for "something important", it's not happening.

If You Bought Something From This Salesman, Please Call The Police

This is not the face of an honest businessman, police in southern Illinois say.

Twenty-four-year-old Adam Roberts -- whose skeleton-like face tattoo enshrines him in the pantheon of mug shots -- is suspected of burglarizing 28 storage lockers in Godfrey, KSDK reported.

If you’re an alleged burglar a full face skull tattoo is probably not a good idea

Adam Roberts has been detained on burglary charges (Picture: Madison County Sheriff)
If you’re going to allegedly sell stolen items it probably isn’t a good idea to have a full face skull tattoo like this man who has been arrested in the US for burglary.
Adam Roberts has been detained on suspicion of stealing electronic products from a storage facility in Godfrey, Illinois, and police are hoping his distinctive face art will make it easier to find the missing items.

Boy, 8, ‘marries’ 61-year-old woman because his ancestors told him to

Little Sanele Masilela got ‘married’ to Helen Shabangu (Picture: Barcroft Media)
This eight-year-old boy doesn’t look too pleased even though it was apparently his idea to ‘marry’ a 61-year-old woman at the behest of his ancestors.
Little Sanele Masilela got hitched to Helen Shabangu, who also didn’t look too happy with her involvement in the ceremony.
The older woman has five children and is already married but she is not in danger of breaking any polygamy laws because her latest union is just a ritual.

Raccoon tries to avoid snow but gets stuck in tree

The unfortunate moment a raccoon got stuck in a tree (Picture: Caters)
With the current cold snap in the UK many of us will be seeking shelter from the weather this week, something this rather unfortunate raccoon tried before getting stuck in a tree.
The animal was left red-faced, if that’s possible, after it became lodged in the branch.
It was a double blow as not only was the raccoon unable to move but its bottom also took the full impact of the snowfall.
We’re not sure if it managed to escape yet but we certainly hope so.

Unfortunate man pushed back on to train by crowd after trying to get off at his stop

The man with the yellow collar is pushed back as he tries to make his way past the crowd (Picture: LiveLeak)
Anyone who has experienced a nightmare journey when trying to navigate the London Underground will probably have sympathy for this man who was pushed back on to a train carriage after initially getting off at his intended stop.
A video shows a Metro train in Shanghai, China, stopping during rush hour.
Commuters eagerly await its arrival and cannot hold themselves back as it pulls in – all of them keen to make sure they get on.

May the face be with you: Star Wars villain Emperor Palpatine appears in ultrasound scan

May the face be with you: the Star War emperor Palpatine (inset) seems to appear in this ultrasound scan (Picture: Toby Large/Rex Features)
This is an ultrasound scan of an unborn baby – which bears an eerie resemblance to the evil emperor from Star Wars.
Mum Heather Large, 39, immediately spotted the seemingly cloaked figure staring back at her from a scan in the 20th week of her pregnancy.
The sinister image resembling Emperor Palpatine even appears to feature a claw-like left hand.

Gallery: Mars Desert Research Station 2013

Volker Maiwald, executive officer and habitat engineer of Crew 125 EuroMoonMars B mission, walks among the rock formations while collecting geologic samples for study at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) in the Utah desert March 2, 2013. The MDRS aims to investigate the feasibility of a human exploration of Mars and uses the Utah desert’s Mars-like terrain to simulate working conditions on the red planet. Scientists, students and enthusiasts work together developing field tactics and studying the terrain.

Russian vigilante bus driver rams cars and records it on dashboard camera

A Russian bus driver nicknamed ‘The Punisher’ has been delivering vigilante justice to motorists who cut him off by ramming into the back of their cars.
Alexei Volkov takes a no nonsense approach to vehicles that speed in front of his bus and even recorded the footage of his encounters on his dashboard camera.
The YouTube footage shows him bumping unsuspecting motorists that have crossed him, with Volkov claiming to have had more than 100 collisions in an interview with Red Hot Russia.
‘The Punisher’ strikes again hitting this car from the back (Picture: YouTube)


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