LOOK: Fortune Cookie 'Predicts' Lottery Win

You might want to start taking fortune cookies more seriously.

On Thursday, Georgia Lottery officials announced Thursday that three friends -- Kenneth Wilson and Sanford Watson of Macon, Ga., and James Scoles of North Pole, Alaska -- collected a $1 million Powerball prize. Days earlier, one of them had opened a fortune cookie predicting the lucky break.

"It said, 'You're going to win the lottery,'" Scoles, 56, explained in a news release.

Hands On!

In 2005, Richard Vega removed his hands from a truck in the lot of Patterson Nissan, the most famous car dealership in Longview, Texas. It was an unexpected move for Vega, until then a fierce competitor in the dealership’s annual “Hands On A Hardbody” contest. Whoever’s hand stayed on the truck the longest got to keep it.

LOOK: Inside The Bomb-Proof 'Ultimate Man Cave'

Like an institutional hobbit hole, the graduated block facade breaks from the ground, rising up and over a massively thick set of blast doors.

The spires of an underground ventilation system reach through a packed mound of earth.

How To Wear Your Hair Like The Ancient Romans Did

When strolling through a museum or reading scholarly works, we rarely question the history lessons as they're presented. But Janet Stephens, a hair archeologist (yes, that's her job), made her greatest discovery by questioning a simple fact about ancient Roman hair that everyone had thought to be true.

Kevin Ryan: NASA Hints at Possible Life on Mars -- Mum on Roswell

This week NASA announced that its analysis of rock dust suggests there could have been life on Mars. We're talking microbes. They can't come right out and spill the beans about alien life because there's that incident in Roswell, New Mexico, back in 1947 that's had the federal government tongue-tied ever since.

Man Accused Of Drinking $100K Worth Of Old Whiskey

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Fifty-two bottles of well-aged whiskey disappeared between his lips, police said, and now it's time for a western Pennsylvania man to settle up.

Bill Cosby Does Not Understand Why You Like His Sweaters

If you had to name the one thing you love most about Bill Cosby, it would be his sweaters, of course.

If Bill Cosby had to name the one thing he dislikes the most, it's you loving his sweaters -- at least that's what his latest legal action indicates.


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