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Quiz of the week's news

How is David Beckham getting posher?

A life lived in tiny flats

How can people cope with UK's tiny flats?

River rescue lamb in legal wrangle

A newborn lamb which was saved from drowning after being rescued from a river is at the centre of a legal wrangle.

Yoseph Leib Ibn Mardachya: 420 And The Hidden Jewish Cannabis Teachings

Of the folk mysteries lo these past 20 years or so has been: Why is Cannabis smoking identified with the secret number 420?

Once, when I was young, I invested time looking for answers in the Hebrew Bible and mystical tradition. Because I was promised there'd be all kinds of stuff in there.

There was a lot of buzz that year about Gematria, the ancient Hebrew numerological science that allowed the true nature of a thing to be known from the letters of its name transposed into corresponding numbers.

Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D.: Two More Starlets Who Met Tragic Demises!

Noted TV actress Inger Stevens and silent screen star Martha Mansfield are two female thespians who suffered tragic, premature deaths!

Playboy club to miss date with sun-kissed Indian state

MUMBAI (Reuters) - Plans to open India's first Playboy club in coastal Goa state have hit a stumbling block, with local politicians rejecting the idea of "bunnies" on its pristine beaches amid growing pressure for better treatment of women after a fatal gang rape last year.


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