Rue Margaret Thatcher in Paris? Pourquoi pas, some ask

PARIS (Reuters) - Right in the heart of Paris, sandwiched between the Champs-Elysees and the River Seine, sits Avenue Winston Churchill.

No heads lost in Thatcher statue debate...yet

LONDON (Reuters) - Revered or reviled, history shows that the placement of a public statue of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher anywhere in the capital risks becoming a lightning rod.

Daft Punk To Launch Album In Tiny Oz Town

Daft Punk's new album will debut at a farm show in the tiny Australian town of Wee Waa known as the "Cotton Capital of Australia".

Putin Frolics With Dogs In Latest Photo Op

The Russian leader, who has a history of publicity stunts, exhibits a softer side in pictures showing him playing with his dogs.

Bank 'error' on James Joyce coin

The Central Bank of Ireland has said it regrets an error on a new commemorative coin which misquotes James Joyce.

'Rainbow removal' sparks Sydney row

A row erupts in the Australian city, Sydney, after a road crossing painted in rainbow stripes for the annual gay parade is removed.

Maine 'hermit' arrested, accused of hundreds of food thefts

A Maine man who walked into the woods shortly after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident and lived as a hermit for almost three decades, supporting himself by stealing from nearby camps, was arrested last week, police said on Tuesday.

Iranian scientist claims to invent Back To The Future-style time machine

The scientist’s ‘time machine’ doesn’t require a DeLorean like in Back To The Future, unfortunately (Picture: Universal)
Hollywood blockbuster Back To The Future could come closer to reality after an Iranian scientist claimed to have invented a time machine.
Ali Razeghi says his laptop-sized device could accurately predict the next eight years of anyone’s life.
‘It will not take you into the future, it will bring the future to you,’ the 27-year-old from Tehran declared.

Feuding joker fills neighbour’s garden with 6ft foam bubbles in ‘late April Fools’ Day prank’

Villagers larked in a foam-filled garden after the latest stunt in two neighbours’ friendly feud (Picture: Wales News Service)
A prankster neighbour has filled the garden next door with foam in revenge for previous tricks played on him.
Barry Brennand covered Maggie McElroy’s lawn and flowerbeds with 6ft-high bubbles while she was out shopping.
The stunt was his response to coming home from holiday and finding she had crammed his own garden with toy animals.

Governor imposes tax on the rain

Clean-up: A road near Chesapeake Bay is hit by storm last month (Picture: AP)
A controversial new tax for the amount of rain that falls on homes has been imposed by an environmentally-friendly governor.
The ‘storm management fee’ will be enforced in the US state of Maryland after a decree from democrat leader Martin O’Malley.
It was passed by the state legislature last year to raise revenue to comply with an order from the Environmental Protection Agency to clean-up the Chesapeake Bay estuary, according to the


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