Google Street View captures ‘couple having sex’ on Australian roadside

A couple are caught simulating sex on Dukes Highway in South Australia (Picture: Google/ Rex)
A steamy couple have been caught in a passionate outdoors embrace by Google’s Street View cameras in Australia.
The frisky pair were snapped by the internet search engine giant on Dukes Highway near Keith as they posed for the camera.
Their antics have been viewed by thousands online after a snap of the encounter was posted on Reddit earlier this week.
Observant: Google’s Street View car (Picture: AP)

Pickpocket caught stealing woman’s mobile phone using chopsticks

A man is caught stealing a mobile phone using a pair of chopsticks (Picture: Rex)
The Artful Dodger has nothing on this cunning pickpocket who was caught stealing a woman’s mobile phone using a pair of chopsticks.
Wang Hongbo, 32, was captured on camera lifting the phone from a woman’s pocket as she cycled unaware through Zhengzhou in China’s Henan province.
He was snapped chasing the oblivious cyclist down a busy street before deftly extracting the handset using the specially adapted implements.

Prosecutors Attack Utah Burglar's 'Mountain Man Myth'

SALT LAKE CITY -- At first, many locals took to calling Troy James Knapp the mountain man. Even victims of his many cabin break-ins marveled over his ability to slip back into the woods and evade authorities over six years.

Drug Suspect Shot Dead Fleeing Cops

A suspect with outstanding drug warrants was shot and killed Monday by police in Richardson, Texas, as she fled a traffic stop.

Connie Willis: UFOs: Disclosure Is Coming

Disclosure is coming for the UFO world, or so we hope. Political activist Stephen Bassett, along with researchers and military witnesses, will tell their stories before former members of the U.S. House and Senate at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, starting at the end of April in Washington, D.C. They will testify about events and evidence that supports the idea that many people have of an extraterrestrial presence regularly engaging the human race. Their goal is to end the alleged ET truth embargo.

WATCH: Is It Wrong For PETA To Practice Euthanasia?

Is it wrong for PETA, one of the world’s leading animal rights organizations, to practice euthanasia?

This question was at the center of a recent HuffPost live segment featuring Wesleyan University professor Lori Gruen, Jessica Harris, a former euthanasia technician, and Animal Ark executive director Mike Fry.

Meth-Making Chemicals Found In Boeing Plant?

Meth-making chemicals were reportedly discovered Wednesday inside a Boeing plant in Berkeley, Mo.

According to St. Louis-based, an investigation is now underway after "chemicals commonly used to make meth" were found at Boeing's Berkeley campus, located just outside St. Louis.

Kin Of Civil War Soldier Receives Incredible Item

READING, Pa. -- A ring lost by a Union soldier from Pennsylvania during the Civil War has completed a long journey home.

The ring was worn by Levi Schlegel, a Reading-area native who is believed to have lost it nearly 150 years ago at an encampment near Fredericksburg, Va.
Relic hunter John Blue found the ring at a construction site in 2005. Though it was engraved with Schlegel's name and unit – "Co. G., 198th P.V.," or Pennsylvania Volunteers – Blue wasn't sure how to find Schlegel's descendants, and kept the ring in a box for several years.

Cubs Owner Receives Gruesome Package

CHICAGO -- Goats that previously appeared at Chicago's Wrigley Field were alive and kicking.

But not Wednesday, when a goat's head was left in a box outside the home of the Cubs. The box was addressed to team chairman Tom Ricketts.
Ricketts is currently in negotiations with city officials and neighborhood business people about the $300 million renovation of Wrigley Field.

Cubs spokesman Julian Green says staff at Wrigley Field discovered the package and immediately called police.


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