Bank Robber Says He Gave Stolen Cash To Poor

An Australian man accused of holding-up a US bank claims he did so to help poor people made homeless by bank repossessions.

New Zealand: Baby Name Ban List Updated

A list of monikers ruled illegal by officials is updated as parents try to give their babies wacky and sometimes shocking names.

Ambushed by Friar Tusk: Elephant helped by monks is forest thief

Trunk road: Gemunu the elephant explores the vehicle carrying photographer Aditya Singh through Yala National Park (Picture: Caters)
When this outsize outlaw ambushes you in the forest, he doesn’t need a bow and arrow.
The hungry elephant – who uses his trunk to snaffle food from cars – got a liking for tasty treats when living near a monastery, where friendly monks fed him.
The five-tonne beast now lies in wait for travellers in the style of Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Shocking Video Of Dance Teacher Abusing Students

WARNING: Some audiences may be disturbed by the actions depicted in the video above. The faces of potential victims have been obscured.

Pet Reunion Has An Unhappy Ending

Last week, the Associated Press reported that Great Falls, Mont. man Mike Taylor was reunited with the pet macaw that he had lost in a divorce years before.

Judge's Ruling Against Nipple 'Pasties' For Strippers Is HILARIOUS

This is one of the funniest, most eloquent court documents we've ever seen.

In allowing the city of San Antonio, Texas, to enforce an order that strippers wear bikini tops instead of nipple-covering "pasties," U.S. District Judge Fred Biery noted that the issue had once again "fallen into the court's lap."

Cops Search For Victims Of 'El Dentista,' Alleged Phony Dentist

SANTA FE, N.M. -- New Mexico investigators are looking for more victims of an unlicensed tooth doctor found operating as a "mobile dentist" out of a sedan around Santa Fe.

Authorities are asking all victims of a man known as "El Dentista" to file a report. Santa Fe police say they want to build a strong case against Eliver Kestler, also known as Eliver Lopez.
The 36-year-old was arrested April 20 following a tip from a former customer. Investigators discovered Kestler with a portable drill machine and other dental equipment in a small, red sedan.

How Does JFK Gravesite's Eternal Flame Stay Lit During Repairs?

ARLINGTON, Va. -- The eternal flame at the gravesite of former President John F. Kennedy is undergoing repairs at Arlington National Cemetery.

Before the repairs began, workers used a torch Monday to carry the flame and pass it to a temporary burner that will be visible to tourists at the site while work is underway.
Cemetery officials say the work will take about three weeks and should be completed by late May, when the flame will be passed back to the original site.

Hilarious Craigslist Ad Sells 'Ugly As F***' Truck

A Calgary Craigslist poster is taking the "honesty is the best policy" rule to heart.

Selling a 1993 pickup truck, the poster warns its "ugly as f***," but "it runs forever," balancing the good and the bad about the vehicle.

There's a crack right across the windshield, says the ad, but, "it doesn't interfere with vision. Unless you're a midget."


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