The new face of bad news? The avatar that can deliver your messages

Messenger: Avatar Zoë Lister can read out texts on screen, fitting the appropriate emotion to the words (Picture: Masons)
You ended up staying late at the office and now your train is late. You’re going to miss dinner – and your loving partner will be furious.
Ringing up when the pasta’s probably already boiling is just asking for a tongue-lashing over the phone.
But on the other hand, sending a lame text message with a grumpy emoticon attached could annoy them still more.

News anchor reads proposal – ‘Breaking news: I’m being proposed to’

News broadcasting 101 states you should always end with a feel-good story, but this anchor’s ‘and finally’ turned into a ‘happy ever after’ after she unwittingly announced her own imminent engagement.
Fox54 presenter Jillian Pavlica read out her own marriage proposal after her station’s autocue was hacked by her boyfriend Vince.
‘We have some breaking news to report to you, Fox54 has just learned that a Huntsville news anchor is being proposed to on live TV right now,’ she said.

The only man Dr Livingstone converted

The only man famed missionary Dr Livingstone converted

Nik Wallenda To Wire-Walk Across Grand Canyon

A US daredevil is using his latest stunt to honour his great-grandfather who died in 1978 attempting a similar wire walk.

Obama Is No Satan! TV Series Denies Likeness

The creators of a new Biblical epic airing on US television react angrily to claims the show's devil looks like the president.

FBI turns up heat in investigation of 1990 Boston art heist

BOSTON (Reuters) - The FBI believes it has identified the thieves who stole 13 artworks from Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in 1990 in the costliest art theft in U.S. history and asked for anyone who had seen the paintings to contact the bureau.

'Gypsy Sisters' Unveil Their Wild Children's Clothing Line

For the season finale of "Gypsy Sisters," the women were ready for the big reveal of their gypsy children's clothing line. And anyone who's seen the gypsy wedding dresses and party dresses worn by the older gypsy ladies could fully anticipate what these children's garments looked like.

WATCH: Deep-Freezing For Life After Death

It's been said that nothing in this world is certain, except death and taxes. But what if you could freeze your body immediately after death and be revived in the distant future, when medical science has found a cure for your injuries or illness? You'd be able to cheat death (and perhaps your taxes)! Indeed, this is what advocates of the cryonics movement believe--so much so that they are willing to wager a lot of money and their own bodies.


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