'Cookie Monster' shoves, swears at tot

This report brought to you by the letter P, for pushing and for potty-mouth.

Homeless man wins $50,000 lottery jackpot but wants to stay in his tent

Lottery winner: Homeless Dennis Mahurin (Picture: ABCNews)
A homeless man who won $50,000 on a lottery scratchcard has revealed he plans to continue living in a tent in the woods.
Dennis Mahurin has been living rough in Bloomington, Illinois, since 1978, and says he has no intention of moving into a more traditional home despite his big win.
The bearded 58-year-old couldn’t believe his luck after scooping the jackpot from a $3 scratch ticket he bought from a petrol station last week.

Man hospitalised with live eel stuck up his bum

An X-ray of the eel inside the man (Picture: CEN)
A blue movie fan had some serious explaining to do after arriving at a hospital in China with a live eel stuck up his bum.

The kinky 39-year-old was copying a scene from an X-rated film when he lost grip of the slippery eel in Shunde, Guangdong province.
After finding he couldn’t get it out, the unmarried man rushed to the nearest accident and emergency unit for medical assistance.
He told the astonished medics: ‘Please, please help me. The eel is moving through my body.’

Sisters taunt photobombing gorilla with bananas

The sisters taunt the hungry gorilla (Picture: Rex)
It looks like these sisters should keep not only their bananas but their eyes peeled for photobombing gorillas keen to tuck in too.
Motaba, the western lowland silverback gorilla, appeared tempted by the bananas brandished by zoo-visiting sisters Ella O’Brien, six, and her four-year-old sibling Bridget.
The pair posed in front of Motaba at Werribee Open Range Zoo in Melbourne, Australia.
No bananas for you (Picture: Rex)

Clever cat strikes pose in the mirror

Only the most highbrow moggies have the intellectual capacity for self-awareness and this clever cat appears to be among the select band.
Having already conquered the internet, many cat lovers believe it’s only a matter of time before our beloved felines take over the world.
Say hello: Clever cat spots herself in the mirror (Picture: YouTube / SheepGoesMeep)
While the majority are yet to develop the opposable thumbs that could bring them a step closer to world domination, there are signs the domesticated animals are slowly getting smarter.

Forget walkies: Owner treats pampered pooches to £1,500 stairlift

Stepping bones: The dogs were trained to use the seat and footrest on the stairlift (Picture: Ross Parry)
These dachshunds are going up in the world after their owner worried they might be straining themselves.
The dogs – Pippa, Millie and Heidi – use a stairlift installed by owner Sheila Lee after they struggled to go up the steps.
Pippa, six, has previously suffered with back problems and had to undergo a £5,000 operation on her spine.

Gallery: Robot band Compressorhead play rock in Germany

Meet the rock band who give the word heavy metal another meaning.
Compressorhead are a group of rather irregular musicians as they are all robots.
Fingers takes the lead on guitar and is equipped with 78 fingers custom made to always hit the right note.
Stickboy robot plays the drums but with an extra pair of arms (totaling 4) and  Bones is on base.
The group from Australia were playing at a special event for the guitar manufacturer Gibson at the Frankfurt music fair.

WATCH: Priceless Reactions To 'Generous Homeless Guy'

When it comes to deciding whether to give money to a homeless person, most have their reactions down pat. Pretend the panhandler doesn’t exist, or dig into your pockets for some change.

But what happens when the tables turn and a homeless man tries handing passersby free cash in Los Angeles?

That’s what Mediocre Films wanted to find out when it sent an actor dressed in ragged clothing to dole out money to strangers.

Here's How Breaking Bad Ends

Kenneth Plumb allegedly makes his own methamphetamine -- but he would never shoot it up.

At least that's what he supposedly told officers when he was arrested on Friday. Plumb unintentionally led police to his meth operation when he called them to his Springfield, Mo., home to investigate a burglary, according to the News-Leader.

Circus Elephant Hit In Drive-by Shooting

TUPELO, Miss. -- Authorities say a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus elephant was hit by a bullet in a drive-by shooting in Tupelo, Miss.

Circus spokeswoman Melinda Hartline says the elephant was not seriously hurt Tuesday. She says no other animals were harmed.
The elephant is part of the circus in town for a series of performances. The elephant was in an area outside where the circus keeps animals at the BancorpSouth Arena.


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