'Breastaurant' Actually Trademarked By Sports Bar

Thought Hooters already had the "trademark" on serving up hot food alongside curvy women? Then admit your ignorance and bow before Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill.

14 Types Of Bars (and The People You See In Each)

From hipsters to rednecks and all points in between, our fragmented society has extended to the places where we receive our holy sacraments, and we're not talking about churches.

We're talking about bars.

These days, it seems like there’s a bar for every type of person and a bar for every type of drink.

Naturally, keeping all this straight can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re hammered. But luckily for you, Guyism has a handy guide to 14 different types of bars and the types of people who you find in each.

Nice Try, Farrah

Former "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham is clearly desperate for attention, as the porn star with whom she filmed an X-rated video admitted that the concept of a leaked "sex tape" was supposed to be a setup.

Yesterday, news broke that a sex tape featuring the 21-year-old mother of one, and an unidentified male partner was being shopped around, before porn star James Deen confirmed that he was her sex partner -- and it was a professional project.

Woman Tries To Steal Ship While Passengers Are Asleep

A woman has been detained in San Diego after attempting to steal a 120-foot research vessel while scientists were sleeping aboard the boat.

The woman, whose name has not been released, was seen untying the dock lines of a research ship called "New Horizon" around 2 a.m. on Tuesday by a security guard, KNSD-TV reported. The guard detained her until police arrived on the scene.

She Has No Idea How To Take This

Not all compliments are good compliments. Pranksters AwesomenessTV decided to put that concept to the test, and the proof is in the awkward pudding.

Rob Brooks: Penis Size May Be Driven By Women (Oh, and It Matters)

How important is penis size?

Authors from the Australian National University, Monash and La Trobe provide the most complete answer yet: the size of a flaccid penis can significantly affect how attractive a man's body is to women.

Did Redditor Admit To Murder Using 'Confession Bear' Meme?

Social news site Reddit is generally known as a space where netizens have the ability to speak their mind in an open and anonymous community. But this weekend, one Redditor may have taken this attitude to another level by using the popular "Confession Bear" meme to allegedly confess to murder.

NEW PHOTOS: 'Attractive Convict' Makes Startling Admission

You never know how your past can come back to haunt you.

When Meagan Simmons was arrested for reckless driving in July 2010, she suffered crushing humiliation and was slapped with a year of probation.

But even Simmons never expect that she'd be dubbed the "Attractive Convict" three years later in a popular Internet meme that features more than 280 versions of her mug shot with snarky comments like "I'd like her cell number," "Guilty ... Of Taking My Breath Away," and "Wanted ... In 50 States."


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