Florida Snake Killed By Tour Guides On Video

Shocked tourists film Tommy Owen jumping into the water and grabbing the snake before his partner slices its head off.

Pope Francis and Argentina's 'disappeared'

What did Francis know when a priest under Argentina’s junta?

Pet poll reveals owners' devotion

Many UK pet owners prefer to hug their animals rather than a close relative when feeling low, a poll for a social networking website suggests.

Serial masturbator to represent himself in court

A man with a history of trailing young girls and women in Surrey, B.C. — and masturbating in front of them — will represent himself for an appeal of his latest exposures, a B.C. Supreme Court judge has decided.

Video: The Feed: Breathtaking beauty of firefighting

Live action video displays the danger and difficultly of firefighting in an absolutely breathtaking way. The video was shot alongside two fire departments in Connecticut using the new Phantom Flex 4K camera, which has the ability to shoot 8.3 megapixel pictures, at a rate of 1,000 times per second. Video courtesy of Vision Research, director Brendan Bellomo and cinematographer Greg Wilson.

‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ YouTube video demonstrates art of the straight man

The alligator – and how he eats his food, apparently (Picture: YouTube/MisterEpicMann)
Ever wanted an educational video to teach your children how different members of the animal kingdom eat? Well, this YouTube hit isn’t so much about that, as the art of being a brilliant straight man.
The minute-long clip has already garnered almost 7million views on the video-sharing site since being posted three days ago – but it’s not from people who have a genuine interest in the eating habits of god’s creatures…

Hair’s looking at you, kid: Boy’s friendship with Newfoundland captured on camera

The odd couple: Stasha Becker’s pictures of her son, Julian, with giant shaggy Max have evolved into a charming document of their friendship (Picture: Rex)
A child’s love for his shaggy friend is captured beautifully in this intimate series of pictures.
Boy and dog have been inseparable since five-year-old Julian Becker was born.
For the last two years, the relationship between Julian and Max, a 75kg (165lb) Newfoundland, has been charted by mother Stasha.
Devoted: Julian and Max (Picture: Rex)


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