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Aside from using it to stalk exes or find out which of your high school friends now have children, Facebook has other, even more important uses. For example, crafting the most clever comments and perfectly sarcastic replies.

Whether a status is well-meaning or totally asinine, creating just the right response takes wit, skill and plenty of smart-assery. Check out 17 of our favorites below and leave your own witty response in the comments (we know you will, anyway).

This Maryland County Smell Like...

What is that smell? Spring work has begun on most farms across the county and that can only mean one thing for our dairy and livestock farms. You guessed it. Or should I say, "You smelled it."

Obsessed Cubs Fan Who Shot Player, Inspired Movie Died Last Year

CHICAGO -- She inspired a novel and a movie starring Robert Redford when in 1949 she lured a major league ballplayer she'd never met into a hotel room with a cryptic note and shot him, nearly killing him.

Emily Thomas: SXSW Street Style: Keeping Austin Weird In 2013

Austin, Texas is home to some of the country's most bizarre folks and the city is proud of it.

During its SXSW festival the city's, and country's, weirdest swarm the downtown area flaunting their freak-flags with pride and chutzpah.

The city's unique style is highlighted best when denizens and patrons are given a stage to strut their stuff as music, media and technology industries combine for a two-week long extravaganza of creativity.

Penguins Playing With iPads, Need We Say More?

Penguins are just like people. They wear tuxedos. They play with iPads. Actually, that's pretty much where the similarities end, but isn't that enough? Penguins at the Aquarium of the Pacific were given old iPads loaded up with games made for cats, and the results are adorable. Side note: Who is letting their cat play with their iPad?

LOOK: Over 2,000 People Form Facebook 'Thumbs Up'


More than 2,400 people from Lulea, Sweden, attempted a new Guinness World Record when they formed an enormous Facebook "thumbs up" symbol on their frozen-over town harbor.

‘Miracle’ chicken lays mega half a pound egg with two yolks and another egg inside

The egg weighs in at almost half a pound (Picture: ITV)
A ‘miracle’ chicken in China has amazed locals after it laid a mega egg that contained two yolks and another full egg inside.
The double egg surprise is usually only found in chocolate Easter eggs, so the residents were astounded when a hen laid a large offering that was three times the size of a normal egg and weighed in at almost half a pound.
The mega egg contained two yolks and another smaller egg (Picture: ITV)

Real life Spider-Man called Mustang Wanted fearlessly performs stunts high above the ground

Daredevil Mustang Wanted dangles one-handed from a pylon (Pic: Barcoft Media)
This real-life Spider-Man spends his life flirting with death as he balances high above the ground.
The 26-year-old ‘skywalker’ from Ukraine’s daredevil exploits include balancing on one leg at the top of skyscrapers and walking on thin metal cables.
If that wasn’t enough, his other tricks include dangling one-armed from a pylon, tip-toeing along a crane and doing sit-ups dangling from a window frame.

Devil character on hit TV show ‘resembles US president Barack Obama’

The devil character on History Channel’s The Bible is said to resemble the US president (Picture: History Channel)
A US TV channel has courted controversy by casting an actor who looks remarkably like president Barack Obama to play the Devil on the hit show The Bible.
Viewers noticed straight away that Satan looked a lot like the world leader in the History Channel’s popular show, which aired on Sunday in the US.
Well known Obama critic and conservative Glenn Beck tweeted about the likeness prior to the programme airing.

Ink-credible DJ gets 14 names tattooed on his legs to raise £165 for charity

Penful: Mark Davies has 14 names inked on legs Picture: Caters
For many of us, getting a tattoo tribute to a beloved girlfriend or boyfriend is something we’d think long and hard about.
But Mark Davies was happy to have 14 random names inked on his legs – all to raise less than £200 at a pub charity night.
The DJ’s partner, Lisa Smith, now sees the words ‘Carly’ and ‘Nessa’ when he takes off his trousers.
But rather than rival lovers, the women are donors who paid £10 each for the right to a place on his thighs.


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