LOOK: The World's Most Expensive Parking Spot?

As anyone who lives in the city knows, San Francisco has some crazy real estate.

Angry Underage Drinker Tosses Dead Groundhog, Grouse Into Penn. Bar

BROOKVILLE, Pa. -- Police in one western Pennsylvania town are investigating a case of bar kill: a groundhog and a grouse, both dead, tossed into a tavern by unsatisfied customers.

The (Dubois) Courier-Express reports that the animals were tossed into Bill's Bar hours apart Sunday in Brookville, about 70 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.
Brookville police Chief Ken Dworek tells The Associated Press that the suspects are an underage man who was refused service at the bar and another who was turned away because of "an alcohol problem."

Animal Cruelty Bill Killed

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A bill that would have limited undercover farm animal abuse investigations has been pulled by its author amid stiff and growing opposition.

PHOTO: A Happy, Lettuce-Eating Stingray

This stingray just makes lettuce look oh-so-good.

In a photo uploaded to reddit, the happy ray is seen pressed up against glass in what appears to be an aquarium, nibbling on a piece of lettuce the size of its head.

Dumb Things About Canadians

Canada is a good neighbor to the U.S., but, as Ned Flanders proves, even the best neighbors can be annoying.

TruTV has compiled all the dumb things about our neighbor to the north, which, for the record, doesn't have states, just provinces and territories.

Toronto Police Use Tear Gas To Force Woman From Home

Toronto police officers used tear gas to force a woman out of her home on Eastern Avenue near Carlaw Avenue, late Wednesday afternoon.
The woman was wanted on criminal harassment and other charges.
Police said they had been looking for her for months.
Investigators called in emergency task force officers because they believed there were weapons were inside the home.
The woman refused to open her door, so the decision was made to fire tear gas into the house.

State Legislature To Congress: Don't Touch Our Guns

On the same day that the U.S. Senate failed to muster enough votes for increased background checks, Florida's State Legislature generated its own message in favor of Second Amendment rights.

'My Crazy Obsession': Man Files Barbara Eden Mannequin To Meet Her

A lot of people have fond memories of the sitcom "I Dream of Jeannie." For 50-year-old Greg Cochrane, his love of the show and its star, Barbara Eden, has become an obsession.

'Hoarding: Buried Alive': Biohazard Expert Falls Through Floor

A pair of identical twins got the spotlight on the latest episode of "Hoarding: Buried Alive." Patty and Phyllis considered themselves "compulsive collectors," a moniker they have held their entire lives. But their collecting had gotten so out of hand that the sisters lost control of their own home.

China's Internet abuzz about presidential taxi ride that wasn't

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's Internet was abuzz on Thursday over a report that President Xi Jinping, who is striving to portray himself as a humble man, had hailed a cab in Beijing last month. The report was later dismissed by state media as being false.


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