Rare Beatles photos fetch £30,000

Pictures of The Beatles' historic 1965 Shea Stadium concert, taken by an amateur photographer who bluffed his way backstage, sell for £30,000.

Lotto Max $30M winner wants old job back

Money can't buy you happiness — but you can choose your own misery.

Tilda Swinton Sleeps In Glass Box For Art

The actress moves away from her mainstream films and returns to her arthouse roots - this time at the Museum of Modern Art.

‘Fiance’ of My Little Pony character Twilight Sparkle writes angry letter to risque artist

A man who claims to be the fiance of the fictional My Little Pony character Twilight Sparkle has written an angry letter (Picture: Hasbro)
The ‘fiance’ of the fictional My Little Pony character Twilight Sparkle is apparently angry at a man who has been drawing and receiving sexual images of his bride-to-be.
It’s not often a man claims to be getting married to a TV character so when it does happen you sit up and listen.
In the bizarre, to put it mildly, letter the internet user contacts a person known as ‘Kevinsano’ to make his grievances known.

Woman divorces husband ‘because he has a 5cm penis’

A woman has cited a small penis as the reason for divorcing her husband (Picture: Ocean/Corbis/File)
A woman has claimed she divorced her husband because he has a 5cm penis.
The news that the woman, known only as Zhang, 52, split with her other half Zhou because she was unhappy with the size of his manhood will do little to dampen the inadequate feeling many men already have about that part of their body.
The newly-divorced woman from Taiwan has even gone a step further and actually detailed the size of the man’s private parts, according to the Daily Chilli.

‘Gallon smashing’ teens to be charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property

Gallon smashing: A UK man falls down feigning injury after smashing milk cartons (Picture: YouTube)
A group of teenagers from Virginia who went around dropping cartons of milk on purpose as part of the ‘gallon smashing’ internet craze are facing criminal charges.
The joke involves the participants throwing milk up in the air, usually in a supermarket, and then falling to the ground and pretending to be hurt.

Beloved Nick, we will always ram-ember ewe – Hundreds attend superstar sheep’s memorial

Spring time: Nick Boing with his owner’s son, Nathan Clements (Picture: Wales News Service)
He always had a spring in his step and it was this ‘bouncy’ personality that won him friends in high places and celebrity-status.
So it was no surprise when a memorial service for Nick Boing attracted hundreds of mourners, all wanting to pay their respects to the superstar sheep.
The eight-year-old was a lamb when the Palmer family near the Rhiwbina area of Cardiff took him in as a pet.
He was often seen going for walks in the area and appeared on TV and at civic events.

Thief returns stolen goods with note saying sorry

Thankfully, police involvement in the anti-theft was not required (Picture: Getty)
When shopkeeper Graham Walker opened the post he expected to find just bills.
But one package was a £70 cream whipper stolen from his shop and returned at a cost of £3.50 by the guilt-ridden thief.
Attached was a note that read ‘I stole this from your shop – sorry!’.

Jared Leto Discusses Disturbing Fan Mail

Jared Leto gets a lot of letters, gifts and photos from fans, but there's one present that stuck out above all the rest.

In an interview with XFM, the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman, 41, revealed that a fan sent him their severed ear in the mail.

Oil-Wrestling Is Not An Orgy (PHOTOS)

This may look like an orgy, but it's actually a sport.

In a match of oil-wrestling, Turkey's national sport, there's no penalty for holding.

In fact, the entire game revolves around participants fighting to get their hands down each other's pants. But, first the well-sculpted men must douce themselves with olive-oil to make their skin glisten while they play, or possibly just to protect against the heat.


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