Man Allegedly Forges Paperwork To Steal 21 TONS Of Cheese

CASHTON, Wis. -- An Illinois man accused of stealing 21 tons of Wisconsin cheese has been arrested in New Jersey.

New Jersey authorities say the 34-year-old man from Plainfield, Ill., was arrested Tuesday afternoon.
New Jersey State Police Lt. Stephen Jones said Wednesday the man was driving a refrigerated truck carrying 42,000 pounds of Muenster cheese. Jones says the cheese company, K&K Cheese in Cashton, Wis., valued the cargo at $200,000.

Witness Details Love Affair With Rockefeller Impostor Accused Of Murder

LOS ANGELES -- The former fiancé of a man whose many pseudonyms included Clark Rockefeller said from the witness stand at his trial that she never knew his true identity until he was charged with murder.

Questioned by a prosecutor, Mihoko Manabe said Wednesday that by the time she met the man whose true name was Christian Gerhartsreiter in 1987 he had a terrible secret to hide.
Gerhartsreiter is charged with the murder of John Sohus, the son of a woman who rented her San Marino, Calif. guest house to the defendant.

The rise of online STI dating

Online dating for people with herpes and other STIs

Fine for allegedly foul-mouthed cockatoo dropped

A Rhode Island city has dropped its case against a woman who was fined $15 for violating a noise ordinance after her pet cockatoo allegedly swore at her ex-husband's girlfriend, who lived with him next door, a lawyer said on Wednesday.

Burglar Trips Up After Tripping Alarm: Video

The would-be thief fails spectacularly but police in California who released the CCTV would still like to speak to him.

Newborn lambs get woolly jumpers to stay warm and look cool

Keeping warm, staying cool: Flake, Frosty and Snowy (Picture: Caters)
You might have worn a jumper your mum knitted for you in the past to keep warm, and that’s basically what’s happened to these newborn lambs.
Less than a week old, Flake, Frosty and Snowy have been adorned with brightly-coloured woolly jumpers to protect them from the Arctic weather that has the UK in its icy grip.

Six people arrested after robbery as police track down thieves by following footprints in the snow

Police simply had to follow the footprints to find the thieves (Picture: EPA)
Six people were arrested over a robbery at a convenience store in Warwickshire last week after they failed to follow the most basic rule in the thief’s handbook – always cover your tracks.

Restaurant turns to Twitter to publicly shame customers who fail to keep reservations

You might want to think again before failing to keep a restaurant reservation after one eatery decided enough was enough and began publicly shaming no-shows on Twitter.
Noah Ellis, the managing partner at the Vietnamese restaurant Red Medicine, said those people who booked a table but then never honoured their reservation ‘ruin restaurants’.

Video: Bungling burglar falls flat on his face after donning ‘world’s worst disguise’

This may be one of the worst attempts at breaking and entering ever recorded on camera.
Police are searching for a bungling burglar after he completely failed to break into a grocery store and ended up probably doing more damage to himself.
CCTV footage at the Meats & Groceries store in Kent, in the US, shows the oddly clothed, and shaped, man walk up to the window of the store late at night.
Now you see him (Picture: YouTube)
Now you don’t (Picture: YouTube)
He then decides the heist is on and briefly disappears out of shot to disguise himself.

Woman returns $30,000 she found in donated clothes

A woman who took donated clothes from a relative returned the favor—with a vengeance: She gave back the $30,000 she found inside the hand-me-downs. Carol Sutor of Bristol, Pa., was going through the clothes—which had belonged to her cousin’s daughter’s 85-year-old mother-in-law, who had recently died—when she came across a canvas bag on a hanger. [...]


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