Smugglers Caught With 10% Of ENTIRE SPECIES In Luggage

Two smugglers are facing charges in Thailand after authorities caught them attempting to sneak more than 10 percent of the remaining population of a critically endangered species into the country.

Creative Way A Man Allegedly Tried To Cheat On His Drug Test

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (AP) — A man accused of using a prosthetic penis to try to pass a drug test is now facing charges in eastern Missouri.
Authorities allege that 34-year-old Sydney Levin was submitting a urine sample last week as part of his probation when an officer allegedly spotted him using a prosthetic known as a Whizzinator. The prosthetic is advertised as a discreet device that includes synthetic "medical grade urine."

WATCH: You Won't Believe What This Man Eats For Dinner

Roadkill for dinner? To some people, the idea isn't as crazy as it sounds. UK resident Jonathan McGowan has lived off roadkill for over 30 years. He joined HuffPost Live Wednesday to share his story.

AMAZING: Man Rescues Baby Squirrel Found In Bag Of Mulch

Zip, the baby squirrel, is happy, healthy and energetic. But five weeks ago, he was trapped inside a bag of mulch, fighting for his life.

This week, Reddit user Nadtacular posted an amazing series of photos documenting the moment he cut open a bag of mulch and found the tiny squirrel, curled up and nearly hairless.

Yes. Bacon Condoms.

Bacon condoms. They exist.

J & D's Foods, a Seattle company that also makes bacon lubricant -- which "began as an elaborate April Fool's prank and was never intended to be a real product" but nonetheless persists out of sheer novelty -- has topped itself by offering a pork-flavored prophylactic.

Jon Hamm Gets Advice From Large-Membered Man On Battle With His Bulge

The man with the world's largest penis has a heart that's just as big.

Jonah Falcon, whose 13.5-inch male sex organ is recognized as the world's biggest, has heard about how actor Jon Hamm is bothered by the attention being paid to the size of his own genitals and wants to offer his support.

Falcon, 42, deals with cheers and jeers on a regular basis, and said that Hamm's penis may not be the problem.

Jon Ronson: Strange Answers To The Psychopath Test

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White House says alien guards 'sacked'

ARE shape-shifting aliens protecting the President of the United States?

Woman accused of stabbing boyfriend, throwing prosthetic legs on lawn

A South Carolina woman faces charges after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend and threw his prosthetic leg, and a spare, in the yard so he couldn't chase her.

Man owes $4,000 after failed 'escalator helicopter'

After this mishap, this man actually had to pay almost $4,000 for repairs. That definitely didn't go as planned.


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