Bad Ink? Man Detained Over Tattoo

A British tourist was briefly detained at an airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka after immigration officials spotted a Buddha tattoo on the man's arm.

Antony Ratcliffe was on a stopover en route to Malaysia on Friday when he was detained and questioned at Bandaranaike International Airport. According to the BBC, an unnamed official told local media that Ratcliffe had spoken "very disrespectfully" about Buddhism, a charge that Ratcliffe denied.

Gallery: Japanese monkeys suffering from hay fever

Spring may have yet to arrive in the UK but these poor macaque monkeys in Sumoto, Japan are suffering from a case of bad hay fever. The macaques living at Awajishima Monkey Centre, Japan, are in discomfort as the react to pollen from the cedar trees.

Take the lift? No, this way is truly bespoke: Extreme cyclist bounces to top of skyscraper

Geared up: Krystian Herba keeps his balance and turns the pedals inside the Shanghai World Financial Center (Picture: EPA)
Most people would take the express lift to reach the top of a skyscraper. Not Krystian Herba. He took the stairs – all 2,754 of them.
And he didn’t just walk up the Shanghai World Financial Center but cycled up – on a bike with no saddle.
The Polish extreme cyclist rode up to the steel and glass tower’s observatory, on the 100th floor, in 1hr, 21min and 51sec.

Last BBC news bulletin at TV Centre

The last BBC TV network news bulletin from Television Centre in west London has been broadcast.

Doctor Who script 'locked away'

Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat admits he is taking special care to protect the secrets of the programme's 50th anniversary story in November.

Pickaxe Price Tag Leads Police To Suspect

A man suspected of a break-in at a pharmacy is tracked down by police after allegedly leaving his pickaxe at the store.

A Slimy, Unwelcome Record Pulled From Broward Canal

A massive, record-breaking fish has been pulled from a South Florida canal -- but it's not good news.

That's because the 14 pounds, 3 ounce fish is a bullseye snakehead, an eel-shaped, freakish-looking invasive species that Florida Fish And Wildlife Commission officials certainly weren't hoping to find growing quite so fat in Broward County's C-14 canal.

Pope Fashion Vs. Porn Makeup: The Weird News Top 10

HuffPost Weird News usually lets HuffPost Style handle stories about fashion and makeup.

That is, unless the fashion deals with the classy garments worn by cardinals at the Vatican, and the makeup story features porn stars not wearing any.

When 115 Roman Catholic cardinals filed into the Vatican last Monday morning, they were ready to judge possible pontiffs and HuffPost Weird News was ready to judge their fashion tastes, from the rings to cassocks (Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi was especially fly).

Banned For Life

ATHENS, Greece — Greek soccer player Giorgos Katidis has been banned from his national team for life after giving a Nazi salute while celebrating a goal in the topflight league.


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