16 adorable pictures of cute puppies

Here at Metro we love pictures of cute puppies. In fact – doesn’t everyone?
Given the fact most people can’t resist looking at cute pictures of our canine pals, we’ve decided to gather together some of the most adorable images we could find.
From baby Dalmatians to golden retriever puppies, baby beagles to mini St Bernards, there are plenty of cute canines for you to feast your eyes on.
We urge you all to sit down, relax and take your time to really enjoy these sweet snaps… Enjoy!

16 adorable pictures of really cute kittens

Love kittens? Love pictures of kittens? Good news – we’ve had a look around and gathered together 16 amazingly cute pictures of kittens.
There’s Yako the ten day old kitten, who was found in a rubbish bin. Luckily there was a happy ending – Yako was adopted by bichon Blondie.
There’s also a kitten rescued during Hurricane Katrina, the kitten who walked on the pitch during a football match and – possibly the best of all – a kitten playing with a squirrel.

Google Street View car captures randy Manchester couple engaging in sex act

Street View cars have picked up some strange images over the years – and this scene in Manchester is no exception (Picture: Google)
A randy couple’s steamy encounter in a discreet alleyway has been viewed by thousands on the internet after they were snapped by Google’s Street View cameras.
The amorous pair were caught on camera by the internet search engine giant as it mapped Manchester’s Temperance Street.

Drunk man tries to steal police car ‘to get home’

A drunken clubber tried to steal a police car to get home (Picture: PA)
If you’re ever stranded and decide to steal a car to get home, it’s probably not a good idea to choose a police vehicle.
That was a mistake drunken partier Tommy Lawson made when he wanted to get back to Scunthorpe after a night clubbing in Manchester, the Scunthorpe Telegraph reports.
The 30-year-old from Coventry was caught trying to steal a police car last month and when later asked why he had done it, he merely said he was trying to get home.

Gallery: Cape Town naked bike ride – 9 March 2013

Hundreds of inhabitants of Cape Town, South Africa have stripped off for the annual naked bike ride. As part of the World Naked Bike Ride initiative participants hit the streets to protest against car culture and the dependence on oil for day to day living. The moment takes place in over 50 cities around the globe. The Cape Town ride marks the third year that the event has taken place.

Bieber blocker: Developer invents Firefox tool that eliminates Justin Bieber from the web

Bye bye Bieber? Singer can now be censored (Picture: Getty)
Pop prince Justin Bieber may have over 35million followers on Twitter but there seems to be many more people who just can’t stand him.
There is no stopping the Baby hit maker’s musical bandwagon fuelled by the passionate fans he likes to call Beliebers despite a tumultuous week on tour in London.

Man finds screwdriver impaled in head after looking in car mirror

Lucky? The man survived after screwdriver impaled into his head (Picture: Caters)
A man from Poland found a screwdriver impaled through his forehead – but only after catching his reflection in his car’s rear-view mirror.
The 25-year-old was doing some work in his garden when he lost his balance and landed on the Phillips tool.
However, he only noticed something was sticking out of his head when he looked in the mirror after the fall.

Teacher sacked after encouraging nursery children to taste her blood

Blood-y angry: Parents have complained (Picture: Tek / File)
Ripping up the rule book is always a risky strategy for any teacher to take in the classroom.  
So when one rogue Norwegian nursery teacher brought a vial of her own blood to class it was more than likely to get spilt.
When it comes to the do’s and don’ts of teaching, encouraging children to touch and taste your blood is definitely one of the latter.
The teacher in Sola, on Norway’s western coast, poured the blood sample onto a plate for the children aged between three and six to see.

Elderly man on mobility scooter sought after ‘ramming vehicle into supermarket window’

OAP sought after mobility scooter rams supermarket window (Picture: Sussex Police)
Sussex Police are hunting an elderly man on a mobility scooter who is thought to have rammed his machine into a supermarket window.
The renegade, believed to be in his 60s,  is suspected to have bumped the property after a dispute with staff at the Bexhill Co-op in Western Road on Wednesday.
Investigators believe the OAP crashed into the window on purpose because he was angry ‘over a customer service issue of some kind’.

Former US president George W Bush likes to paint cute little dogs

George W Bush is quite the artist, according to his painting teacher (Picture: Fox5)
Not only does former US president George W Bush reportedly like to paint himself naked while in the shower but it has also been revealed he loves sketching dogs too.
Last month information came to light through apparently hacked emails that the former head of state liked to capture himself while in the buff.


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