Teen party in strip club cancelled after officials step in

The teen party in the strip club was cancelled (Picture: AP/File)
There are a few teenagers in Ontario, Canada, that will probably be feeling pretty disappointed after a 14- to 18-year-old dance at a strip club was cancelled.
The youngsters, mainly the boys we presume, were probably looking forward to seeing the inside of The Studio 4 Gentleman’s Club for the first time but their plans were thwarted when the city’s licensing commission said the event couldn’t be held.

Pooches in Israel fall in love with new Dog TV channel

Dogs in Israel love watching TV (Picture: Mike Hollist)
It seems dogs in Israel enjoy being on the couch a bit too much after a channel aimed at pets became an instant hit.
Dog TV, which is also available in the US and online, reportedly has content that has been produced using scientific methods.
Whatever the technique, pooches in the Middle Eastern country are enjoying watching the shows.
‘Generally when I leave the house I put on the radio, play him some music,’ said Jeff from Jerusalem

Dog ‘prevents owner from committing suicide’

A German shepherd dog (not the one pictured) reportedly stopped its owner from committing suicide (Picture: PA)
A pet owner in France was reportedly prevented from committing suicide by her dog after it decided it was not yet ready to see her go.
The 63-year-old female decided to end it all in her back yard in Sorgues but her German shepherd apparently had a different idea.
In desperation the loyal pet reportedly did what anyone else who loved her would and collided with the elderly woman in an attempt to get her to drop the gun.

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