Samoan airline says pay by weight plan "fairest" way to fly

SYDNEY (Reuters) - A Samoan airline that says it is the world's first carrier to charge passengers by their weight rather than per seat defends the plan as the fairest way to fly, in some cases actually ending up cheaper than conventional tickets.

Popstar Justin Bieber given month to collect pet monkey

BERLIN (Reuters) - Teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber has been given a month to provide German authorities with the papers they need to release his pet monkey "Mally".

Hitler's mad plan for death star

NAZIS had Star Wars plan for a giant solar-powered gun that could destroy enemy cities by frying them alive and make oceans boil.

'Mountain Man' Arrested After Years On The Run

The elusive survivalist is wanted in several counties on suspicion of robbing cabins, leaving bullet holes and threatening notes.

Bubble Ban At Parties: Safety Myths Exposed

No bubbles at parties and toothpicks taken from restaurants top a list of bogus health and safety cases.

The Great British class calculator

If there are seven social classes, which one are you?

7 questions on mobile phones

How much did the first 'brick' mobile phone weigh?

VIDEO: Free beer as brewery truck spills

A freight truck carrying beer cans collides with a train at a railroad crossing in the Mexican city of Gomez Palacio, prompting hundreds of people to rush to the scene to salvage the spilled cans.

Motown piano returns to Detroit

A grand piano used in the Motown Records studios is restored and put on display at a museum dedicated to the legendary record label.


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