DUI Suspect Says She Just Wanted To Cuddle: Cops

All she wanted was a cuddle.

At least, that's what 30-year-old Heather Gardner allegedly told Newport, R.I. police after getting nabbed for drunk driving, Newport Patch reported.

Gardner was involved in a three-car accident around 2 a.m. Tuesday, and officials say when they arrived at the scene and asked if she was injured, she told them she "just wanted to pick up the lazy man to cuddle with."

18 Obvious Lies

Almost everyone has told a "little white lie" at some point or another. The trick is not to be so obvious about it. And if these photos are any indication, not everyone is the best at keeping their deception under the radar.

From a foot-long sub measuring a full inch short (the horror!) to an empty parking lot that claims to be full, these 18 products, signs and foods are definitely lying to you.

PUCKER UP: How To Become An Incredible Kisser In 6 Steps

Kissing can lead to very inspired sex. Sadly, men and women seem to be on different pages regarding the importance of kissing.

From the problematic "torpedo" tongue method to the tight-lipped bore, there are a multitude of ways to botch a smooch. Follow these six easy steps to enter the kissing kingdom of glory.

White Cowboy Hat, White-Clad Intruder Breaks Into Woman's Bedroom

A bizarrely-dressed bed intruder of a different kind fled from a suburban Chicago woman's home this weekend after an apparent break-in.

The Zany Universe of Pop Art King Claes Oldenburg

Claes Oldenburg is best known for his absurd, cheeky depictions of everyday objects. The pop art king takes melting ice cream sundaes, safety pins and banana peels and transforms them into glossy monumental sculptures, interrupting our thoughts as we pass through parks and bustling intersections.

HORROR: 25-Year-Old Dies From Wisdom Teeth Surgery

SAN DIEGO -- Getting wisdom teeth removed is considered a routine, minor surgery for almost all young people these days. That's why the family of Marek Lapinski, 25, thought nothing of it when he went to have the procedure done.

Instead, their young son, a tech company VP and former football player, died on March 21 during the procedure, KTLA reports. The operation was conducted by Dr. Steven Paul, an oral surgeon in Temecula, Calif., who has declined to comment.

Dr. Who Animation Is Everything We Could Want And More

If you are one of the many avid fans anxiously awaiting the 50th anniversary episode of the beloved British sci-fi spectacle known as Doctor Who, then the above video is a stop-motion animation just for you.

Joe The Plumber Tells Bullied Kids To 'Punch The Bully In The Face'

Samuel Wurzelbacher, widely known as "Joe the Plumber," released a PSA on Monday telling kids who are bullied in school to "punch the bully in the face."

Justin Bieber Has 4 Weeks To Pick Up His Monkey Or Else...

BERLIN — German authorities have given Justin Bieber four weeks to pick up his pet monkey or else it will be placed in permanent care.

The capuchin monkey was seized by German customs Thursday when the 19-year-old singer failed to produce the necessary customs documents after landing in Munich.
Reporters from around the world have besieged the city animal shelter where `Mally' the monkey is being kept in quarantine.

The shelter said in a statement Tuesday that the 14-week-old animal shouldn't have been taken away from its mother until it was a year old.

Airline to charge passengers by body weight

Some airlines are beginning to charge obese customers for extra seats, but Samoa Air appears to be the first to adopt a "pay as you weigh" pricing plan. The airline's price-per-kilogram will vary depending on the flight, from as little as $1 per kilogram to as much as $4.16, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. In [...]


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