Jumpy the dog skateboards and jumps off walls in this amazing stunt video

Just as the name of his new video states, Jumpy is one “badass dog,” performing 20 incredible stunts in this 1-minute clip. The Australian border collie walks through a series of traffic cones on his front paws, leaps through the air into his trainer’s arms and even a number of stunts on a skateboard that [...]

All 18 taxis in NH's largest city pulled off road

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Odds are you won't get a cab in New Hampshire's largest city after police sidelined all 18 licensed taxis for inspection failures or failing to show up for inspection.

Pa. man accused of stealing Cake Boss' freebies

PITTSBURGH (AP) — A Pittsburgh man has been accused of cutting a line waiting to get free cakes from the Cake Boss and stealing four of them.

Waist-deep in mud, British PM rescues distressed sheep

LONDON (Reuters) - Bogged down by a stagnating economy and sinking poll ratings, British Prime Minister David Cameron ventured into a new swamp when he waded waist-deep into mud to rescue a drowning sheep.

Trump withdraws "orangutan" lawsuit against comic Bill Maher

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Donald Trump is withdrawing his lawsuit against television host and comedian Bill Maher seeking $5 million that Maher said he would give to charity, in a seemingly facetious offer, if Trump could prove he was not the son of an orangutan.

How to brush your teeth in space

VIDEO: How do you brush your teeth in space? Wouldn't the toothbrush end up your nose?

Indian rape 'solution' a shocker

UNDERWEAR that shocks an attacker is being presented as a solution to India's growing rape problem.

Grand National: Formula To Pick Winning Horse

A maths whizz knows which horse his money is on after devising a formula to pick this weekend's race winner.


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