Exhaled breath is unique fingerprint

Scientists report that compounds present in breath are unique to individuals - a "breathprint" - and could be exploited in a range of medical applications.

Artefacts clues of sharks' absence

Nineteenth Century tools made from sharks' teeth suggest that two species of shark used to populate the Central Pacific Ocean but are no longer present.

Male baldness 'indicates heart risk'

Men going thin on top may be more likely to have heart problems than their friends with a full head of hair, according to researchers in Japan.

‘Drunk’ soldier drives tank into lamp post in Russia

A Russian soldier has some explaining to do after driving an army tank straight into a lamp post while allegedly under the influence.
The unidentified man is facing a court martial after crashing the armoured vehicle near an army training base in the Russian city of Ryazan last month while apparently drunk.

Jumpy the dog performs 20 stunts in a minute-long video

An animal performing one stunt would be incredible but Jumpy the dog takes it a step further and completes 20 in a one-minute video that’s taken the internet by storm.
The unbelievable YouTube clip containing his tricks is labelled ‘Bad Ass Dog’ and no-one would dispute that after seeing him slalom through traffic cones, dive underwater to retrieve a soft toy and even hit the waves for a spot of surfing.
Jumpy’s owner Omar Von Muller, who trained Uggie, the dog from Oscar winning film The Artist, has said the secret to his success was being consistent with the animals.

Mini superhero gets own Batmobile – a converted Daewoo Matiz

Top gear: Alfie and Alan with their custom crime-fighting machine … a used Daewoo Matiz (Picture: Wales News Service)
Think you’re batty about Batman? Get in line behind six-year-old Alfie Wilde, who spends his weekends playing in his very own Batmobile.
Alfie’s grandad Alan Dennett, 63, may lack the funds of billionaire Bruce Wayne but he has spent more than £5,000 lovingly converting an old banger into the iconic car.

WATCH: Stars Talk About Their Private Parts

Celebrities say the darndest things ...

Especially when it comes to blabbing about their private parts.

Take Sofia Vergara for instance -- the "Modern Family" star recently revealed that she calls her "booty" her "pompies." And Khloe Kardashian confessed that she has a nickname for her lower region -- she likes to call it "Puss."

Plus, do you know what Amanda Seyfried refers to as "Minge"?

Woman Says She Could See, Smell God

A woman who said she saw, heard, spoke with and even smelled God during a near-death experience in 2009 recounted her experiences on an episode of Fox News' "Fox and Friends" on Tuesday.


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