Woman Forged Prescriptions For Dead Dog To Get Painkillers: Cops

Apparently you can use a dead dog for new tricks.

Suzanne Lee Kraus, 41, was arrested Monday and accused of obtaining painkillers by forging prescriptions for her deceased pet.

WATCH: Boat Tow Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong (NSFW)

If you see how the camera was oriented in this video, you might get a bad feeling.

It may get worst when you realize the first words you'll hear are a man screaming “YIPSKIDDLY DOO.”

Stick around for the end. It's even more painful.

Mom In Stolen Minivan Takes Kids On Police Chase: Cops

You might not want this minivan mom in your carpool.

Erica Braswell is facing felony charges for leading San Diego police on a pursuit early Wednesday morning while her children were in the backseat of a stolen minivan, KNSD-TV reported.

LOOK: Dog Saves Pregnant Lady

Last Friday, New Yorker Janelle Giannetta's dog Louie gave her the best birthday present -- he saved her life and that of her unborn baby.

According to Newsday, Giannetta was 26 weeks pregnant when she began to suffer seizures from a previously undetected condition.

WATCH: Video Reveals Depths Of Sinkhole That Swallowed Man

The first good look into the Florida sinkhole that claimed Jeffrey Bush's life has been released. A video shows the 60-foot-deep chasm, from which authorities weren't able to recover Bush's body.

It was taken through the bedroom window before the home was demolished, using a pole with a camera attached to the end. "It looks totally different than from when I saw it," says Bush's brother, Jeremy, who jumped in to try to save Jeffrey before needing a rescue himself.

Is A Woman Trying To Sell One Of Her Twin Babies On Kijiji?

An unusual Kijiji ad offering the sale of one twin baby in Fort McMurray has prompted RCMP to investigate.

On March 28, Wood Buffalo RCMP were alerted to the suspicious online advertisement. The ad suggested a young female, currently pregnant with twins, was interested in selling one of the babies upon birth.

"Hi, I'm 7 and a half months pregnant with twin boys," Fort McMurray today reports the the ad, which has since been deleted, as saying.

Story continues after the slideshow

1 In 5 Republicans Still Think Obama The Antichrist: Poll

How many Americans still believe in global conspiracy theories, UFO landings and the notion that President Barack Obama is the Antichrist? More than you might think.

The Donut Sandwich Is Definitely Not Going Away Now

April Fools' may be over, but the following days have brought some pretty interesting food news items that feel like jokes, but aren't.

First, we were introduced to the Pizza Hut Crazy Cheesy Crust, a dairy-heavy gutbomb now available in the U.S. And now we're learning of a glazed donut breakfast sandwich available at select Eastern Massachusetts locations of Dunkin' Donuts.

Is This Mayo GIF The Grossest Thing Ever?

We have no words. No. Words.

We will say, however, that whenever we use a squeeze bottle from now on, we're going to imagine it vomiting. The googly eyes have...a transformative effect. A very, very gross transformative effect.

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