Olympic Park opens up for tours

The London Olympic Park is reopened to visitors with 20,000 tickets sold in advance.

US 'pregnant man' refused a divorce

An Arizona judge refuses to grant a divorce for a transgender man who gave birth to three children.

Video: Time Lapse: Building an NCAA Final Four court

This time lapse video from Connor Sports shows all the work that goes into making a basketball court for the 2013 NCAA Final Four. The court is finished in Chattanooga, Tenn., then broken down and shipped to the Georgia Dome for the tournament.

The secret life of money revealed

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the damaged dollar bills floating around the economy? How long does paper money actually last before it disintegrates into torn shreds or a pulpy mass that is indistinguishable from regular old paper? And at what point is paper money just too damaged to be used as [...]

Thief makes off with reptiles from Calif. museum

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A 7-foot-long boa constrictor, two ball pythons and a monitor lizard were stolen from a Central California science museum by a man who was caught on camera throwing the reptiles into a plastic trash bag.

Mystery elf door in park sparks attention on the Web

A tiny addition in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is getting big attention on the Web. A photo on the neighborhood site Richmondsfblog.com first published a photo of a teeny wooden door that mysteriously appeared at the bottom of a tree with a small, gnome-sized gap. The door has opened up plenty of interest on [...]

1 of 4 reptiles stolen from Calif. museum found

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A Central California science museum has recovered one of four reptiles that were taken by a burglar who was caught on surveillance video shoving the lizard and three snakes into a garbage bag.

Greek dog that hounded debt monitors is free again

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Ruby the anti-austerity dog is back on the streets of Athens — just in time for next week's visit by representatives of international creditors monitoring Greece's troubled finances.

Experts debate the psychology of ‘Star Trek’ vs. ‘Star Wars’

ANAHEIM, Calif.–At Friday’s opening day of Wondercon 2013, the swords were drawn early. Or, more specifically, the light sabers were drawn and the phasers were set to kill. Four experts, including two psychologists, debated four specific topics as part of an epic breakdown analyzing the respective strengths and weaknesses of "Star Wars" and "Star Trek." [...]

3 of 4 reptiles stolen from Calif. museum found

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Three of four reptiles that were swiped from a science museum and thrown together into a garbage bag during a heist were recovered Friday, though a 3-foot-long ball python remained at large, officials said.


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