Experts debate the psychology of ‘Star Trek’ vs. ‘Star Wars’

ANAHEIM, Calif.–At Friday’s opening day of Wondercon 2013, the swords were drawn early. Or, more specifically, the light sabers were drawn and the phasers were set to kill. Four experts, including two psychologists, debated four specific topics as part of an epic breakdown analyzing the respective strengths and weaknesses of "Star Wars" and "Star Trek." [...]

3 of 4 reptiles stolen from Calif. museum found

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Three of four reptiles that were swiped from a science museum and thrown together into a garbage bag during a heist were recovered Friday, though a 3-foot-long ball python remained at large, officials said.

Is Google creating Korean confusion?

UNDERSTANDING the gulf between reality and fantasy in the current spat between the United States and North Korea is not being helped by Google translate.

You don't want eggs with this bacon

WHAT'S your favourite thing in the world? Now you can have it with bacon.

Fascination surrounds FBI UFO memo

A SINGLE-page FBI memo relaying a vague report of flying saucers found in New Mexico in 1950 is the most popular file in its electronic reading room.

Try out the ‘world’s hottest pizza’ – and if you fail, you get a free ice cream

Paul Brayshaw and his ‘world’s hottest pizza’ (Picture: Paul Brayshaw/Paul’s Pizza)
Customers are being offered the chance to sample the ‘hottest pizza in the world’ at a restaurant near Brighton.
Those who think they are tough enough can order the food item from Paul’s Pizza, where it measures in at an eye watering 3.2 million on the Scoville scale.
And if they’re not able to complete it, like 1,300 people that have tried before, they get a free ice cream.

LOOK: Inside This Man's Modern 'Roman Palace'

Perched high atop a mountain in Sparks, Nevada, Steve Lansky, a bachelor and retiree, enjoys a sprawling panorama of the city of Reno and the breathtaking Sierra mountain-range from his seemingly typical suburban home. Needless to say, the view alone is impressive, but the home's interiors are the reason we needed to share this house tour with you.

Anti-Gay March For Marriage Compared To Civil Rights Movement

The president of an anti-gay organization has compared the group's recent protest against same-sex marriage to the Civil Rights movement in America.

Speaking on the conservative-leaning "Janet Mefferd Show" on March 26, National Organization for Marriage (NOM) President Brian Barber said NOM's March for Marriage event on Tuesday was an inspiring experience.

Gini Graham Scott: Seeing By Your Tongue

Everyday brings new technological breakthroughs -- and one of the most fascinating is the development of sensors that enable the tongue to actually see. This ability is rudimentary now, like seeing a series of pointillist patterns, perhaps a little like the earliest video games. But consider the possibilities as the technology is further developed, so that it may start to approach the 3-D realism of video games of today. While the technology was developed with blind users in mind, all sorts of uses and users are possible.

This Is What Happens When Balki Does The Weather Report

It's unclear what exactly Bronson Pinchot was doing on a central Pennsylvania Fox affiliate on Friday morning, but he certainly made the most of his screen time ... by hijacking the weather report and hitting on an anchor.

FOX 43 weather anchor Jeff Jumper was just trying to inform viewers of the Easter weekend weather when Balki Bartokomous himself decided to go over to him and ask about his "grown-up haircut."

It only went downhill from there, as you can watch in the video above.


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