Alleged bag thief smashes into window while making ‘getaway’

A suspected bag thief was left with a bruised face as well as a hurt ego after he smashed into a glass window and briefly knocked himself out while making his getaway.
The alleged assailant was caught on CCTV running towards the exit and then crashing through the glass pane in an Australian store.
We’re not quite sure why he didn’t see the obstacle in front of him but whatever the reason he will surely pay attention next time round.
Suspected thief smashes through glass door (Picture: YouTube)

Flea circus wiped out by cold snap in Germany

Good old days: Robert Birk with his Flea circus at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany (Picture: EPA)
Tragedy has struck a German flea circus after all its 300 members froze to death – unfortunately on April Fools’ Day.
The circus director Robert Birk was left devastated after making the grim find, despite the fact the story was initially ridiculed by many due to its timing.
‘It’s hard to know when minus temperatures will be fatal for them,’ said Mr Birk after he found the cold had killed his performers.
A flea performing at Oktoberfest (Picture: EPA)

Gallery: Slavic tradition called ‘Water Plunge Monday’

In the UK, today has been all about Easter Monday and April Fools’ Day – but in the Czech Republic and Slovakia it’s all about ’Water Plunge Monday’. Tradition dictates that the men – who certainly have the better deal on this one – pursue local women, pour ice-cold water on them and whack them with tree branches.
Unusual? Yes. But Water Plunge Monday also makes for a pretty interesting gallery – so go on – indulge yourself. And no, this is not an elaborate April Fools’ Day joke…

Easter Bunny on motorcycle stopped by police for not wearing helmet

An Easter Bunny was pulled over by police for not wearing a helmet (Picture: CBS News)
An Easter Bunny on a motorcycle has found himself on the wrong side of the law after being pulled over by police for not wearing a helmet.
The rabbit (it was actually a man in a costume, in case you were confused) shocked officers after they saw him cruising down a Californian highway without head protection.
But rather than let the bunny off, highway patrol official Adam Griffiths decided to stop him.

Gallery: The office with its own helter-skelter

When the boss says things are on a downward spiral, it’s usually a sign to start looking for another job.
But at one office his plans are bringing a smile to everyone’s faces – and drumming up business into the bargain.
Find out more here.

Model is mermaid to order: With her covergirl looks, Linden Wolbert is a great catch, if you can ignore her tail

Natural wonder: Linden Wolbert floats in Jellyfish Lake in Palau (Picture: Linden Wolbert/Caters/Wendy Capili-Wilkie)
Unlike most models, Linden Wolbert doesn’t need a catwalk or studio – the side of a boat will do.
She travels the world as a professional mermaid for hire and uses a custom-made £10,000 tail to propel her through the water.
The 32-year-old is also a freediver who drops to depths of 35m (115ft) and uses her skills to promote ocean conservation to children.
Under the sea, under the sea (Picture: Linden Wolbert/Caters/Wendy Capili-Wilkie)

Raise your glasses to the pub with no fruit machines, Sky TV, lager or fancy crisps

Friendly face: John Hawkridge behind the bar at Elsie’s (Picture: Gretel Ensignia)
Planning to escape the city next weekend and find a nice country pub for lunch?
The Queen’s Arms might suit – provided you’re happy to go without a meal, lager, fruit machines, music, Sky TV… or any crisps except plain.
Elsie’s – to use its unofficial name – is a traditional watering hole which has stubbornly refused to embrace the brave new world of ciabatta bread and rude-sounding cocktails.

The boss? He’s on his way down the office slide now

A whizz at the introductions: Dominic Monkhouse rides the helter skelter to greet clients and visitors when they enter the building (Picture: Gretel Ensignia)
When the boss says things are on a downward spiral, it’s usually a sign to start looking for another job.
But at one office his plans are bringing a smile to everyone’s faces – and drumming up business into the bargain.
Dominic Monkhouse has decided there’s no standing on ceremony when clients and guests enter the building.

WATCH: Girl Pulled From Tracks Seconds Before Certain Death

Your cell phone or your life? One girl in Brazil almost lost both, according to a shocking cell phone video posted to YouTube last week.

The clip, filmed by a bystander in the the Corinthians-Itaquera Metro station, in São Paulo, Brazil, shows the harrowing, last-second rescue of a girl pulled from the tracks and out of the path of an oncoming train.


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