Seth Shostak: Why Bother Searching for ET?

It's a disturbing question, and one that I seem to get more frequently than before.

"Why are you looking for evidence of extraterrestrials? What's the point?"

While I have always thought that the motivation for looking for E.T. was both self-evident and patently worthy, it's possible that I'm a victim of my own job description. Others don't inevitably agree. Some will opine that there are better ways to spend the money.

Crazy Legs Conti: It's Weenie War!

A brisk zephyr, blows across the Coney Island boardwalk as a man in blue blazer and an Italian boater hat starts screaming into a microphone, "They say that competitive eating is the battleground upon which God and Lucifer wage war for mens' souls, and they are right!" This is not some Evangelical Preacher proselytizing to the gathered masses, this is George Shea, founder of Major League Eating, and he is just getting warmed up to introduce the first qualifier of the Nathan's International Hot Dog Eating Contest. It is not a battle between Heaven and Hell, but hot dog and stomach...

Youths Find Skeletal Human Remains In Suburban Woods

Two youths going for a walk in a suburban Chicago wooded area around 1:30 p.m. Saturday discovered something quite unusual: what they believed to be human skeletal remains.

According to My Suburban Life, the discovery took place in the 7900 block of Lemont Road in Woodridge, Ill.

WHOA: Missing Hiker Stays Alive For Six Days In Snow Cave

Missing George Fox University student Mary Owen was miraculously rescued Saturday after spending six days trapped in a snow cave on Oregon's Mount Hood, reports ABC News.

World's Spiciest Pizza Contender Packs 3.2 Million Scoville Units

The line between pleasure and pain continues to blur as spicy food enthusiasts -- or masochists, depending on your vantage point -- continue to dream up ever-spicier dishes.

Man Tattoos Dogs, Sparks Outrage

A North Carolina man sparked outrage after he revealed that he tattooed his two dogs.

Ernesto Rodriguez, an Army veteran and tattoo artist from Stokes County, N.C., inked his two pit bulls -- Duke and Duchess -- on their stomachs, according to Fox's WGHP. The man said he tattooed his dogs for identification purposes. The 4-month-old Duchess was reportedly tattooed while she was asleep after having her ears clipped.

Let Me See Your Body Talk

Anastasia Mastrakouli is taking the phrase "body text" literally. The young Greek artist crafted a typography series as graceful as it is sensual, dubbed "Naked Silhouette Alphabet."

April Fools' Day Prank Ends In Arrest

Officers and K9 units in Hampton, Va., said they found themselves the butt of an April Fools' Day joke when a Waffle House employee reported a fabricated robbery.

Susan Tinker, 20, was arrested and charged Monday morning with falsely summoning police, NBC affiliate WAVY reported.

NO YOLK! World's Largest Egg Could Sell For More Than $45,000

Spending $45,000 on a single egg sounds like a cracked idea -- unless it's the largest egg in existence.

The supersized egg is 12 inches by 8 inches and belongs to the Elephant Bird, a giant bird that lived on Madagascar before going extinct sometime between the 13th and 17th centuries, KXAN-TV reported.

'MILF Island' On Hulu?

Comedy fans, rejoice: After years of anticipation, you might soon be able to watch episodes of "MILF Island," "Inspector Spacetime" and "The Rural Juror" on

Er, wait. What's today again?

In the spirit of the age-old April Fools' prank tradition, streaming video site Hulu announced a whole new slate of April Premieres, featuring shows including "Inspector Spacetime," "MILF Island," "The Rural Juror" and "The Itchy and Scratchy Show."


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