Jodi Arias Flashes Middle Finger: Contempt For Nancy Grace?

An apparent middle finger salute in court by Jodi Arias was intended for Nancy Grace, according to a Twitter page attributed to the accused ex-boyfriend slayer.

Images of the supposed vulgar gesture were the talk of social media when they were taken in court on March 21. However, it was not until recently that a Twitter account attributed to Arias was found to address the incident.

"Actually, Nancy, that finger was for you. Have a nice day," the Tweet said.

LOOK: WWI 'Wall Of Honor' Found During Theater Renovation

A hidden war memorial has been discovered inside the wall of an old Florida theater.

Story continues after photo

This week, workers renovating downtown Clearwater's Capitol Theatre found a memorial to local World War I soldiers on an interior wall of the historic structure, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Teen thieves 'give back old iPhone'

TWO AMERICAN teenagers allegedly held up a woman at gunpoint and took her iPhone, but gave it back because it was an older model. 

Animal attacks a sign of the end times?

YOU expect a shark to go agro, but fish, beavers, sloths and geese?

Quiz of the week's news

Why did Psy change his single's name?

How different is science from magic?

What's the difference between a scientist and a magician?

Billionaire wins $12m for wine fraud

An energy billionaire is awarded $12m in damages by a New York jury, in a dispute over fake vintage wines, as he vows to expose more wine fraud.

Dubai police get Lamborghini sports cars

The city that boasts the world's tallest building is equipping its police with $400,000 Lamborghini sports cars that Dubai's deputy police chief says are in keeping with the Gulf capital's image.


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