Two million-year-old creature had mix of ape, human traits

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - A 2 million-year-old ancestor of man had a mixture of ape and human-like features that allowed it to hike vast distances on two legs with as much ease as it could scurry up trees, according to research published on Friday.

French scientist bemused by buzz over bra research

PARIS (Reuters) - A little-known French sports doctor who spent 16 years studying the busts of about 300 women sent a scare through a country known for its love of lingerie this week when he suggested bras were useless.

Cremated metal body parts reused

YOU'LL be looking at road signs, car parts and aircraft engines differently now - they are being made of metal body parts from the dead. 

Historic hymnal could fetch $30m

A TINY hymnal from 1640 believed to be the first book ever printed in what is now the United States is set to sell for up to $30 million at auction. 

Leaping Shark Steals Scared Fisherman's Catch

The shark is caught on camera jumping dangerously close to the man's kayak and then chomps on a mackerel tuna.

Twitter move hints at music service

Micro-blogging site Twitter is rumoured to be launching a new music service after buying the music discovery site We Are Hunted.

Google builds data-after-death tool

Google becomes the first major company to allow users to decide what happens to their data after they die or become inactive online.

Team reconstructs 'human ancestor'

The most complete view yet of a possible human ancestor uncovered in South Africa has revealed an intriguing mix of human and ape traits.

Airport tech reveals hidden artwork

Researchers reveal a fresco hidden beneath the surface of a known forgery at the Louvre museum - using technology similar to that of airport scanners.

Actress claim against IMDb rejected

An actress who sued after her age was posted on its Internet Movie Database has her claim rejected by a federal jury in Seattle.


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