Video: Mom's hilarious reaction to daughter's pregnancy

The Feed compiles some of the week's best viral videos, including a cat fascinated by its own reflection, a breath-taking look at the work of firefighters and a "very clever" raccoon maneuvering across power lines. Plus, a set of parents find out they're going to be grandparents, and the new grandmother couldn't be happier.

Fake funeral service proving popular after student holds her own false ceremony

Student Zeng Jia (in coffin) staged her own funeral (Picture: CEN)
Following the revelation a Chinese student staged her own funeral so she could ‘enjoy’ the day, it has emerged the fake ceremony has also proved popular with other people from the country.
When Zeng Jia held her own wake, despite the fact she was still alive, many thought it was morbid and self-obsessed but it now turns out it wasn’t an unusual occurrence.

Missing one-eyed cat treks through snow to find home

Ginger returned home after spending ten days away (Picture: SWNS)
A one-eyed cat from Nottingham proved nothing could keep it from getting home after it trekked five miles in the snow to get back to its owner after being lost for ten days.
Ginger originally escaped from its cage when its owner Jayne Middleton was taking it to Oak House Veterinary Centre in Nottingham.

Woman found guilty of assaulting police officer with quiche

A woman assaulted an officer with a quiche (Picture: Tony Buckingham)
Most people choose to use sturdy items when carrying out assaults but that wasn’t the case for a woman in Australia who decided to hit a police officer with a quiche.
Franklin Jane Bugmy was found guilty of the offence after authorities said she struck constable James Wheatley with the baked goods after first ramming him with her pram.
The 41-year-old had apparently been annoyed she was given the wrong documents after police approached her with an apprehended violence order last year.

WATCH: Woman Tracks Down The Man Who Saved Her 50 Years Ago

It's never too late to say thank you.

In fact, it's been almost 50 years since a lifeguard rescued Eady Rothstein from drowning. According to NBC New York, she recently found a way to show her savior her gratitude.

Hawaii fisherman gets up close with hungry shark

WAIANAE, Hawaii (AP) — A Hawaii fisherman has an unbelievable fishing tale: a close encounter with a 9-foot shark that jumped dangerously near his kayak. But, he has the video to prove it.

Cremated metal body parts reused

YOU'LL be looking at road signs, car parts and aircraft engines differently now - they are being made of metal body parts from the dead. 

Dog Eats $500: Owner Tries To Get Money Back

A US man goes to extreme lengths to get his cash back after his canine feasts on five $100 bills.

Florida Snake Killed By Tour Guides On Video

Shocked tourists film Tommy Owen jumping into the water and grabbing the snake before his partner slices its head off.


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