Octogenarian Japanese climber aims for Everest record

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - An 80-year-old Japanese mountain climber who has had heart surgery four times is heading to Mount Everest to try for a third ascent of the world's highest peak and will become the oldest person to reach the top if he succeeds.

Cops bark like dogs to nab suspects

POLICE had to improvise during a standoff to coax two suspects out of a house by literally barking like dogs.

Girl 'raised by monkeys for five years'

A WOMAN abandoned in a rainforest by kidnappers when aged four claims in a book that she was raised by monkeys for five years.

'Easter Bunny' Stopped For Not Wearing Helmet

A motorcyclist whose outfit was a "visual impairment" gets a dressing down for dressing up - but police let him hop it this time.

Google Launches 'Treasure Mode' On April 1

Google says it wants users to help find buried treasure after Street View's "underwater team" found Captain Kidd's maps.

April Fools’ Day 2013: A round-up of the best jokes and hoaxes

It’s April 1, which can only mean one thing… it’s April Fools’ Day. Just kidding! But seriously, it is. So without further ado, here’s our round-up of some of the best pranks we’ve spotted on the web so far this morning, including efforts from YouTube, BBC News, Facebook and the Guardian.
We’ll update this list with any more April Fools’ Day jokes we spot between now and midday. In the meantime, let us know in the comments if any of these hoaxes tricked you (and be sure to check the last one in the list).
BBC News:
It’s lonely out in space

3 Stolen Reptiles Found, 1 Python Still Missing

FRESNO, Calif. -- Three of four reptiles that were swiped from a science museum and thrown together into a garbage bag during a heist were recovered Friday, though a 3-foot-long ball python remained at large, officials said.

Don't Shoot Police Cars, Even With A BB Gun

A Laurel teenager is being charged as an adult with first-degree assault in the shooting of a police vehicle with a BB gun while it was being driven by an officer, Prince George's County Police said Saturday.
Andre Christopher Rivers, 16, of the 13500 block of Attleboro Court, was arrested Friday evening after an officer driving along Contee Road "heard a projectile strike his driver's side door" about 6 p.m. and immediately called for backup, police said in a statement.

WATCH: 6 Sadistic April Fools' Pranks

Ah, April Fools Day. It’s the one day of the year when you can act like a total psychopath in the name of humor and no one can give you a hard time about it. Sometimes though, when we finally have the chance to unleash our inner sadists on those nearest and dearest to us, we can’t even think of the epic prank we want to play. Luckily for you, we’ve solved this problem by compiling 6 classic pranks to get you in the trickster frame of mind. Proceed with caution and be prepared for retribution.

Check out the video, above.


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