Norway teacher fired after children taste her blood

OSLO (Reuters) - A Norwegian kindergarten teacher was fired this week after she brought a vial of her own blood to class and allowed children to touch and taste it, the head teacher of the kindergarten said on Friday. The teacher in Sola, on Norway's western coast, brought in a blood sample that was taken earlier in the day and poured it on a plate for the children, aged between 3 and 6, to see. "The children asked if they could touch it and she allowed them," Inger Lise Soemme Andersen told Reuters. ...

Pole taken to hospital with screwdriver in head

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Polish doctors say a 25-year-old man has undergone a three-hour operation to remove a screwdriver lodged about five centimeters (two inches) into his head.

Brazil: police puzzle over 7 gift-wrapped skulls

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Police in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo are baffled by a macabre puzzle: someone has been leaving gift-wrapped human skulls around town.

Fla. company rewards workers with Beer Cart Friday

PORT ORANGE, Fla. (AP) — Employees at a Florida health care company are allowed to drink on the company's tab, on company time, thanks to a perk known as "Beer Cart Fridays."

Ice island draws looks in northern Lower Peninsula

READMOND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — An ice island that's formed off Michigan's northern Lower Peninsula is attracting attention.

Europe explores how to define the "green fairy"

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - It's the green-hued fuel that has fired flights of poetic fancy since the 1800s, but now the European Union is examining whether to change how absinthe is defined. The intensely alcoholic spirit, dubbed "la fee verte" (the green fairy) by Parisian writers in reference to its reputed psychoactive properties, has been a fixture amongst artists and Europe's bohemians since the 1850s, with Oscar Wilde and Charles Baudelaire among the famous devotees. ...

Erin go bragh maybe, but no flag for Irish pub in Florida

(Reuters) - The owners of an Irish pub in northeast Florida said they were shocked to receive a citation for flying the Irish flag but have removed it to comply with a local ordinance banning commercial display of non-U.S. flags. The four sisters who own Culhane's Irish Pub in Atlantic Beach said Friday they would apply for a temporary permit allowing them to at least fly the green, white and orange Irish flag on St. Patrick's Day, March 17. "St.

Lion slipped out of holding pen before killing sanctuary worker

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The African lion that killed a California wildlife sanctuary worker had slipped out of its holding pen, which apparently was left improperly secured, and crept up on the woman inside a larger enclosure to attack her, the coroner said on Friday. Dianna Hanson, 24, an intern at the Cat Haven sanctuary east of Fresno, died almost instantly on Wednesday after the big cat, a male named Cous Cous weighing at least 400 pounds (181 kg), snapped her neck, according to an autopsy conducted on Thursday. ...

Fat cat in Texas now slims down, adopted by vet

DALLAS (AP) — An obese stray cat found wandering six months ago near Dallas has slimmed down to 34 pounds and been adopted by the veterinarian overseeing his care.

Fast food, meet health food: Organic tofu comes to Chipotle

Local, artisanal, organic … tofu. That’s right. The lowly, tasteless vegetarian block of blah has gotten a foodie makeover—and the spotlight. The better-tasting tofu is now appearing as part of a local test on the menu of the national chain Chipotle Mexican Grill. The man who wants to convince you that you will love tofu [...]


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