Suspect's 'To-Do' List: Find Meth. Rob Someone. Do A Good Deed.

Evan Dorsey had a list of goals for last Friday, but getting arrested wasn't mentioned anywhere on it.

That's what happens, though, when your errands include finding crystal meth, selling drugs, getting coke, and breaking into someone's house.

Police caught the 25 year old trying to do the latter, after residents in a Weymouth, Mass. neighborhood reported suspicious activity.

Washington State Landslide Destroys Home, Threatens Others

SEATTLE — Residents of a hillside overlooking scenic Puget Sound heard the thunder of a landslide that knocked one home off its foundation, and isolated or threatened more than two dozen others on Whidbey Island, about 50 miles north of Seattle, early Wednesday.

A man who escaped from the damaged home was evacuated by rescuers in an all-terrain vehicle, Central Whidbey Fire and Rescue Chief Ed Hartin said.
Many of the homes are summer cabins or weekend getaways and were unoccupied.

Would You Buy A Home If The Previous Owner Died In It?

When Ann (who chooses to remain anonymous) returned to her Hoboken, NJ condo building one afternoon this past November, a squat five-level dwelling with only ten units, she knew something was very wrong. Police cars and an ambulance were waiting out front, and the hallway was filled with uniformed men rushing by. Her neighbors were huddled together and whispering, speculating what could have happened to the thirty-something single guy that rented the apartment on the first floor. "I heard it was a gruesome sight," she told us.

This Group Is Saving The Web From Itself (And Rescuing Your Stuff)

On Feb. 15, the Archive Team, a loose collective of programmers and netizens, received its equivalent of a 911 call: The founder of Posterous, a blogging platform, announced the site was shutting down -- and taking its users' content down with it.

Sarah Juliet Lauro: Of Nerds and Zombies

I saw the best minds of my area of concentration: well-fed, socially awkward, frumps milling about an airport Marriott in the early afternoon, looking for a live wall socket.

I knew these were my people by the graying ponytails and bow ties, print pantsuits worn with Native American statement jewelry, floor-length velvet dresses, socks worn with sandals and thick framed look-at-me hipster glasses. No elbow patches, but some doofus was wearing an Indiana Jones hat. (Oh wait, that was me.) We're a motley crew: we few, we otherwise unemployable few, we humanities academics.

City Drops Fine For Allegedly Foul-Mouthed Cockatoo

By Daniel Lovering BOSTON (Reuters) - A Rhode Island city has dropped its case against a woman who was fined $15 for violating a noise ordinance after her pet cockatoo allegedly swore at her ex-husband's girlfriend, who lived with him next door, a lawyer said on Wednesday. Warwick Municipal Court fined Lynne Taylor in September following a series of complaints from the neighbor over noise from the parrot and other offenses, said Taylor's lawyer, Stephen Peltier.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Big News

Between his booming film career and production company HitRECord, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's a busy guy ... with just enough time for his own variety show.

On Wednesday, the actor announced that he was partnering with Pivot, Participant Media's new cable TV network, for "Hit RECord on TV!" via Twitter.

Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D.: More Flubs in Sci-Fi Horror Productions

Flubs are endemic to movies and television programs of all ilks! Some are continuity errors caused by multiple shooting days. Some are so-called "revealing" mistakes where background props, crew members' hands, and the like are visible. Others are simple errors made by actors scrambling their lines. And, yet others are inconsistencies in fact and logic. Herewith are some intriguing examples from entries in the sci-fi/horror genre.

Terror Is a Man (1959)

WATCH: Man Buried As 'Cure' For Attracting Lightning Strikes

The saying lightning never strikes the same place twice apparently does not apply in Alexander Mandón's case.

The 20-year-old Colombian has been struck by lightning four times since September. So to "cure" his electrical attraction, a local indigenous doctor recommended that Mandón be buried alive in an upright position, Spanish-language publication "Noticias Uno" reports.

6-Year-Old Drumming Prodigy Performs 'Hot For Teacher'

Meet Avery Molek, a 6-year-old drummer who's currently experiencing his 15 minutes of YouTube fame. In a video making the rounds online this week, the tiny drummer is shown shredding his way through Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher," barely missing a beat as he plays the classic song like a pro.


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