Dodo Bone And Elephant Bird Egg Up For Auction

The femur bone of a dodo and the giant partially fossilised egg of an elephant bird are being put up for auction at Christie's.

Video: Calif. woman renews bond with goose after 10 years apart

A San Diego woman first formed a bond with a Chinese goose at Miramar Lake 20 years ago. After a 10-year break, she went back to the lake and was greeted like she'd never left.

Video: Watch: World's largest egg up for auction

Christie's in London will auction off the world's largest egg, laid by the extinct Elephant Bird. As Felipe Maya reports, it is expected to sell for thousands.

Shop in Australia charges customers $5 ‘looking fee’

Window shoppers are being charged a $5 ‘ looking’ fee (Picture: Reddit)
A shop in Australia has started to charge people a $5 ‘looking fee’ to browse its goods.
Celiac Supplies in Brisbane introduced the fee – about £3.50 – to discourage people from comparing its prices to those online.
The charge is discounted from any goods the would-be window shopper buys in the store.
The specialist gluten and wheat free supplier’s owner told reporters that about 60 people a week ask her for advice and then go on to buy elsewhere.

Are cardboard cut-outs the traffic officers of the future?

Life-size cardboard traffic police are being deployed in Bangalore, India (Picture: YouTube)
A traffic officer that works 24 hours a day and never gets tired may sound like something from the future but it actually exists today, in the form a cardboard cut-out in India.
The new type of low-tech policeman can be found in Bangalore and from early reports is sounds like they’re doing one heck of a job.
‘Impact has been quite good. A lot of people when they see from a little distance, they immediately turn back,’ additional commissioner of police Dr MA Saleem said.

Fortune cookie predicts trio’s million dollar lottery win

Winners: The group celebrate their win (Picture: YouTube / HotViralNews)
A group of friends are celebrating a million dollar lottery win after a fortune cookie predicted their huge windfall.
Alaska man James Scoles opened the cookie on March 15 which had a message inside that read: ‘You’re going to win the lottery.’
The after-dinner treat’s forecast proved to be spookily accurate when, less than 24 hours later, he was toasting a $1million (£660,000) jackpot win with friends Kenneth Wilson and Sanford Watson.

Meet the barrister with a hidden double life on stage…

Ready to rock: Bowie Jane on her night job (Picture: Geoff Robinson)
Being called to the bar has taken on a different meaning for barrister Bowie Jane.
By day, she deals with cases of the utmost seriousness. By night, she rocks.
The trouble starts when her secret lives overlap.
Unbeknown to her colleagues in chambers, she often wears her costume underneath her robes to save time getting changed for gigs.
‘I’m living two lives at once: by day one person and by night another, and sometimes it can get rather confusing,’ said the 27-year-old.

Rhino bites off more than he can chew – and ends up being bitten on the rump by camel

This white rhino was chased away by a protective camel (Picture: BNPS)
This three-tonne rhino thought he could get away with throwing his considerable weight around – but a protective camel father was having none of it.
White rhino Marashe was chased away with his tail between his legs after straying too close to Bactrian camel Dougie’s one-month-old calf Nikki.
Marashe suffered further indignity when he was bitten on the rump by furious Dougie during the chase in the shared enclosure at Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire.

Russia storing 119 million gallons of snow for Winter Olympics

The host of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games is putting fears over its readiness on ice. Literally. Officials in Sochi, Russia, announced they are storing 118,877,424 gallons of snow in preparation for the games. That’s because while some parts of Russia have experienced an unusually cold winter, there has actually been a bit of a [...]

Man wins $8K after Disney 'Small World' breakdown

LOS ANGELES (AP) — An attorney says a disabled man was awarded $8,000 by Disneyland after the "It's A Small World" ride broke, stranding him for a half hour while the theme song played continuously.


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