GRAPHIC PHOTO: 900 Dead Pigs Found Floating In China River

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese officials say they have fished out 900 dead pigs from a Shanghai river that is a water source for city residents.
Officials are investigating where the pigs came from. A statement posted Saturday on the city's Agriculture Committee's website says they haven't found any evidence that the pigs were dumped into the river or of any animal epidemic.

'Sinkhole Season' Has Only Just Begun

SEFFNER, Fla. -- As crews entombed a man who was swallowed by a sinkhole near Tampa, the earth opened up again just a few miles away. On Tuesday, in a neighboring county, officials investigated reports of a home cracking, perhaps due to another sinkhole.

Swept away by wedding proposal

EVERY bride dreams of being swept off her feet, but watch as this beachside  proposal narrowly avoids becoming a fatality.

White Cliffs of Dover are in France, according to the local phone signal

Visitors to the White Cliffs of Dover are incurring high call costs because the phone network thinks they’re in France (Picture: PA)
Visitors to the renowned White Cliffs of Dover may want to avoid using their phone for too long as the devices are picking up a French signal and therefore higher charges.
Those living or staying near the location in Kent often get a ‘Welcome to France’ message and incur extra costs from companies like Orange when using their phones.

Cookie Monster returns stolen biscuit emblem

CEO Werner M. Bahlsen stands with the returned golden Leibniz cookie symbol (Picture: EPA)
It’s scratched and a little bent but finally the famous golden Leibniz cookie emblem has been returned to its rightful owner.
Bahlsen biscuit company CEO Werner M. Bahlsen was delighted to announce the return of the gilded cookie that has hung at the firm’s Hanover headquarters since 1913.
‘We are delighted that our company symbol is with us again,’ he said while grasping the object under his arm.
Demands: Cookie Monster (Picture: AFP)

Crusty heirloom that’s a real slice of family’s past

Hard time: Terry O’Kelly’s bread roll
Many people like to pass on musty furniture, treasured jewellery or faded photographs as heirlooms.
But a former prisoner’s grandson has a particularly crusty slice of the past – a bread roll that dates back to 1899.
Terry O’Kelly, 92, is the proud owner of the roll, which is kept in a glass case.
It was handed to his grandfather, Joseph Harrison, on his release from Wandsworth Prison in south London.

Meet Britain’s youngest knife-thrower, who wants to upgrade to axes

Taking aim: Edward Pinder lets fly at his mother (Picture: Adam Gerrard)
After a busy day at school most ten-year-olds go home and kick a football around or play on a games console. Edward Pinder throws knives…at his mother.
He is reckoned to be Britain’s youngest knife-thrower and he’s been doing it since he was at infants school.
At weekends lucky Erika Pinder gets them thrown at her twice a day and there’s no let-up during school holidays.

Alligator named Mr Stubbs gets prosthetic tail after losing his in a fight

Mr Stubbs swims off with his new tail attached (Picture: Barcroft)
A storyline borrowed from a Disney movie has given this alligator’s tail a happy ending.
Mr Stubbs could not swim and faced a lifetime being stuck on land after his rear end was bitten off by a bigger reptile.
But inspired by Dolphin Tale, a Disney film starring Morgan Freeman where a mammal is fitted with a prosthetic fin, rescuers forged a tail out of latex and silicon and the nine-year-old reptile is back in the water.

Skeleton Face Tattoo May Help Stolen Goods Hunt

A police officer calls the suspect's facial ink "the oddest thing I've seen in 20-plus years of law enforcement".

Watch: Bus driver rams bad drivers

ONE bus driver is so fed up with drivers who cut him of on the roads, he's taken to dispensing his own form of justice. And videos the lot.


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