Swarming cockroaches turn bus to New York into roach-mobile

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A Greyhound bus ride into New York City on Friday turned into a horror show for passengers suddenly swarmed by an invasion of cockroaches that forced the driver to pull over and evacuate the vehicle.

FDA shuts New Jersey bakery for sugar in "sugar free" treats

MONTCLAIR, New Jersey (Reuters) - Federal authorities shut down a New Jersey bakery after finding sugar in its "sugar free" goods and saturated fat in its "fat free" treats, the Food and Drug Administration said on Friday.

Pope Francis trinkets sell briskly near Vatican

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Less than 48 hours after his surprise election, Pope Francis's smiling face adorns pendants and devotional souvenir cards packaged with rosaries at the trinket stands near St. Peter's Square.

This Guy Really Wants His iPad Back

He may have lost his iPad, but Allen Engstrom of Little Rock, Ark., is not bitter -- only tickled.

According to ABC 7 News in Denver, Colo., Engstrom lost his iPad on a flight from Phoenix to Denver more than a month ago. But thanks to Apple's iCloud service, which allows the user to wirelessly send and sync data across multiple devices, Engstrom says he's been able to get a good look at the person who may have his iPad now. A really good look.

LOOK: The 15 Most Notorious St. Paddy's Parties

The post-St. Patrick's Day party headache is arguably the worst self-inflicted feeling a human being can experience immediately upon waking up. On college campuses across the country, students and administrators rise with one of these screamers either because they are responsible for a massive mess -- or they are in charge of making sure it's cleaned up.

Elderly Man Eats Roadkill - Yeah, Even The Mangled Kind (VIDEO)

One man's road filled with the rotting, mangled corpses of unlucky fauna is another man's dining table.

Specifically, this UK man: Arthur Boyt, 73, has made eating roadkill a hobby. But he doesn't discriminate between fresh-looking specimens and festering cadavers -- he'll eat anything he finds. Thankfully, VICE followed him around his home county of Cornwall to document his filthy experiment in gastronomy (video below).

WATCH: Statue Punches Jerk

This human "statue" really sprang to life when a jerk pestered him.

In the video above, a fellow apparently bent on mischief approaches the silver-painted cowboy "statue" and proceeds to harass him, despite the urging of one onlooker to lay off.

But the wet willy and face rub were apparently too much for our stoic street performer, and after a few moments, he delivers a gorgeous right cross to his tormentor's face.

Alleged Masturbator Banned From 'All The Libraries On The Face Of The Earth'

Here's the real reason your pages were stuck together.

Tyree S. Carter, 20, was allegedly caught openly masturbating in the Racine Public Library in Racine, Wisc. Wednesday morning.

The employee who spotted Carter says he was "standing in the open, not trying to conceal the act," according to a criminal complaint obtained by The Journal Times.

Kidney Transplant Leads To Rabies Death

BALTIMORE _ The first Marylander to contract rabies since 1976 developed the virus through an organ transplant that took place more than a year before the victim recently died of the disease, Maryland health officials said Friday.
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tests performed since the Marylander's death showed that the organ donor died of rabies, and the same type of rabies was found in both the donor and the recipient of the organ.

WATCH: Porn Stars Congratulate The Pope

Everyone is simply abuzz about the new pope! It's all, new pope this, new pope that! Such sentiments even extend to the hardworking adult entertainment community of Los Angeles, California, who produced this video to give a big congratulations to Pope Frances I.

It's not so outlandish: They both have legions of fans they'll never meet, they frequently and passionately exclaim God's name and both think condoms are overrated. Check out the clip above to watch these ladies say hi to Pope Frank as only they can.


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